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"The girl in the mirror wasn't who I wanted to be
and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have"

Proud to be a mariner.
I don't make promises that I can't keep.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All aboard??

In ferry now. On my way back to the 'fun' Labuan. And to the even more 'fun' KML! :DD *fake smile*

Oh well, I extended my holiday for two days, already. I really thought I would be going back alone today, but it turns out that Ekin is also here with me, right in front of me =.=" Was really surprised to see her 'cuz she was supposed to be at Labuan since yesterday. Haha maybe we're meant to be roommates. lololol!

Eh, sorry, ter-fantasize sekejap.

Ini barulah feri yg saya sedang naik sekarang =.=":

This is when it finally reaches Terminal Feri Antarabangsa Labuan after about four hours.

*Yawn* I feel so sleepy now. I didn't have my eight-hours of sleep. Please don't even imagine how I look now. Please, I beg you.

Ok, I'ma get some sleep now. MAYBE you'd hear from me again when I arrived safely (but not happily) in my room.

p.s. I wonder how's Cotton right now ;(

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You believe in voodoo ah??

Just finished watching:

Nice British fantasy movie. Thumbs up!

I am experiencing upper arm pain. I'm quite sure it's not muscle cramps, though. It's more like somebody-pinches-you-too-hard kind of pain. I wonder what's the cause since nobody pinched me today. Lol. I was curious so I googled it. Here are the possible causes of upper arm pain:

  • Fractures
caused by trauma to the upper arm that breaks or cracks the bone 
(Which is probably not the cause for my case, of course =.=")
  • Tendinitis
occurs when tendons, the bands of tissue that connect bone to muscle, become inflamed
  • Muscle strain
occurs when a muscle is overstretched and the muscle tissue is torn
  • Heartburn
caused by stomach acid backing up into the esophagus
  • Brachial Plexus Injury
can occur during contact sports, auto accidents and falls.
("Falls"?? Hmm.. Sounds like me T___T)
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
damage at the peripheral nervous system nerves


Whoa.. I can't believe I post about such things. Barulah rasa macam life science student sikit. Lol! xD

Regarding the title;
Apa itu Voodoo? Nah.
Get the idea?? A voodoo doll represents a person (usually someone you hate). When you hit/prick/stab the doll, the corresponding person will also feel the pain.

Freaky, huh?*raises an eyebrow*

Why suddenly about voodoo doll? Because the first thing came to my mind when I realized my upper arm pain is voodoo. Hahaha! I know. You must be thinking "Some imagination you have, there =.=".. Or maybe "Weirdo!"..

Well, of course I don't think it's true. It's just a silly random thought. Hahaha. Semua orang yang saya kenal baik2 maa... kannn???^^

But I do believe in voodoo, anyway. Nothing is impossible. So that means everything is possible, don't you agree??

Ok, I'm talking craps again, aren't I? =.="

* * *

Today we learned Manglish.

Manglish stands for Malaysian English.
You know, the phrases like "Don't kacau me bha..." , "You want to go, go lah", "Can give me some ah?".. and so forth.

Air-corn! xDD

Oh no! You didn't! You didn't just say the 'C' word! Hahahaha!!

Or you may as well refer it as Mangled English, I guess. LOL! So let me use my Manglish before logging off, aite??

I not yet done my Math assignment. Make me pening kepala ohhh. It's a total pain in the ass! Dunno sempat or not I do this before I go balik KK. Now it's 7p.m. oredi. I mandi pun belum.Aiyoo.. How la this?? I better cepat2 mandi now and continue do my assignment. Aiyo die lo... ah see you next time ah!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I realize, yeah, it was only JUST A DREAM..

seems familiar???

Seriously. This is my most-hated image of all.

And I know same goes to you, right?? riiiggghhhtttt??? Pfftt. Don't even try to deny it. You even feel like sparring with your own lappy, sometimes, right?? (Of course, I never did that, just in case you're wondering. Ahem!)

Anyway! As you can see, the internet connection is terribly SLLOWWW *slow motion effect* now (and almost every time, to be honest) so I guess I'll forget about updating now and will do so when I reached KK, which is about two days from now. WHOOOOO!!!!! Ahem* sorry, got a bit carried away there.

I gotta hurry. Ada date sama Datin Patin Hapizah. Hahaha! Jangan marahhhh~~

p.s. listen to:


I was thinkin about her, thinkin about me.
Thinkin about us, what we gonna be?
Open my eyes, yeah; it was only just a dream.
So I travel back, down that road.
Who she come back? No one knows.
I realize, yeah, it was only just a dream.

I was at the top and I was like I’m at the basement.
Number one spot and now she found her a replacement.
I swear now I can't take it, knowing somebody's got my baby.
And now you ain't around, baby I can't think.
Shoulda put it down. Shoulda got that ring.
Cuz I can still feel it in the air.
See her pretty face run my fingers through her hair.

My lover, my life. My shorty, my wife.
She left me, I'm tied.
Cuz I knew that it just ain't right.

I was thinkin about her, thinkin about me.
Thinkin about us, what we gonna be?
Open my eyes, yeah; it was only just a dream.
So I travel back, down that road.
Who she come back? No one knows.
I realize, yeah, it was only just a dream.

When I be ridin man I swear I see her face at every turn.
Tryin to get my usher over, I can let it burn.
And I just hope she notice she the only one I yearn for.
Oh I miss her when will I learn?

Didn't give her all my love, I guess now I got my payback.
Now I'm in the club thinkin all about my baby.

Hey, she was so easy to love. But wait, I guess that love wasn't enough.

I'm goin through it every time that I'm alone.
And now i'm missin, wishin she'd pick up the phone.
But she made a decision that she wanted to move one.
Cuz I was wrong.

And I was thinkin about her, thinkin about me.
Thinkin about us, what we gonna be?
Open my eyes, yeah; it was only just a dream.
So I travel back, down that road.
Who she come back? No one knows.
I realize, yeah, it was only just a dream.

If you ever loved somebody put your hands up.
If you ever loved somebody put your hands up.
And now they're gone and you wish you could give them everything.
I said, if you ever loved somebody put your hands up.
If you ever loved somebody put your hands up.
And now they're gone and you wish you could give them everything.

I was thinkin about her, thinkin about me.
Thinkin about us, what we gonna be?
Open my eyes, yeah; it was only just a dream.
So I travel back, down that road.
Who she come back? No one knows.
I realize, yeah, it was only just a dream.

And I was thinkin about her, thinkin about me.
Thinkin about us, what we gonna be?
Open my eyes, yeah; it was only just a dream.
So I travel back, down that road.
Who she come back? No one knows.
I realize, yeah, it was only just a dream.

Omg, I'm going to be super late =.="  But then again, punctuality is never one of my best qualities :PP Tata!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What are you up to, now??

I super duper loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee today! :D

Why? Because.....

My kiddie-style timetable for today^^

[click to enlarge]

  • Muka malas pergi kuliah.
  • Muka malas buat homework.
  • Muka selalu extend cuti.
  • Muka selalu pulang awal dari tarikh cuti yg ditetapkan.
  • Muka yang tidak pernah tidak bustak.
  • Muka yg tidak pernah tidak pucat.
  • Muka ada jerawat sebab lewat tidur yang tidak disengajakan.
  • Muka tidak suka makan sayur dan ikan.
  • Muka suka makanan junk food.
  • Muka tidak photogenic.
  • Muka paranoid.
  • Muka yang menyerupai ramai orang.
    (trust me, the phrase " You look familiar." is very common to me =.=")

Itulah saya.

LOL. Sorry but I'm bored. Not in the mood to do any homework. Ngehngehngeh! >:D

Hmm.. I miss my kitties!! huhu ;(

But before I proceed, you must remain silent because they are 'sleeeeeping' ;)..

Silence is golden.

Milo and Choco

Soalan cepumas Matematik: Can you tell how many cats are there??

I'm showing you one of the many hidden uses of  DELL lappy. BTW don't you think Polka Dot(it's name) here looks a bit like Bola Sepak?? Hahaha :D Fat Cat! Or in Mandarin: "Fei Mao!" xD

Okay now! Playtime's over! Gotta go to M3 lecture! Pffffttt!!!! T__________T

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sugar, Spice and everything nice!

Me:Hey! Hey You! You know what?
Me:I haven't done my homework.

Me:Hey! Hey You! You know what?
You:. . .
Me:Hey! Hey! Hey You!
You: What is it?!
Me: I'm so left behind I don't know how to catch up on my studies.

Me: Hey! Hey! Hey You! You know what else? 
You: Argghhh!!! I DON'T FUCKN CARE!!!
Me: Hey! Hey! Hey! I'm Faaaat Albert ;D

Hullo! Nevermind that. It's just one of my way of telling you about my unfinished homework and how clueless I am about my studies now. LOL. Inspiration: Annoying Orange. (Have you watched it on Youtube, yet? ^^)

Lets talk about this:

A and B are an item. One day, A found out that B is cheating on her with C. A ended up putting all the blame on C and keep insulting C for being such a bitch, whore etc, while B gets away with it.

The question is:
How is this fair? B is the one guilty, yet he gets away with it! If B really loves A, he would never cheat on her no matter how hard C tried hitting on B. That's all A needs to realize.

Are you wondering why am I suddenly bringing this up?
Well, to be honest, I've heard loads of stories about love triangle nowadays and many of them are people around me. And majority blames the wrong party, as well. I just couldn't help thinking, either love really is blind or people in ♥ just personally choose to be blind. Well, the next time you're involved in such situation, you know who to blame! lol.

Last but not least, latest on Facebook:

FORWARDED:Changeyour facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children.

I'm using Blossom as my profile picture for now. I don't know why, but unlike most people, I've always liked Blossom better than Bubbles hahaha..

The Powerpuff Girls
Back when I was little, I never missed a single episode of this cartoon n_n 
They're just soooo adorable!

Have you changed YOUR profile picture(s)?? :))

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wake-up call (Oh, really?)

The result was out two days ago.

How was mine?
Good. But I could definitely do much better if I hadn't keep extending my holidays for God knows how long and how often. 

Besides, my Mom didn't sound very pleased when I told her bout my result. 
I know she was actually expecting 4.0 ( Although to be honest, mine isn't that far away from 4.0)

But Mom, you should know better;
  • Your daughter barely studies.
  • Your daughter loathes studying.
  • Your daughter hardly ever completes her homework in time.
  • Your daughter spends her times mostly in front of the lappy.
  • Or doing nothing at all.
But then again, I should know better, too.
  • I used to be so determined not to repeat my mistakes during SPM.
  • You don't get 4.0 just by fooling around.
  • You don't get to score for Math just by quick-scanning the pages of your Math's notes like you did in High School. This isn't High School anymore.
  • And blahblahblah..
Well, there's no use regretting any of these now, isn't there?
Life goes on.
And lets just wish I'd study more this semester :P

Confession #51: I can't wait to leave Matrix. But then again, I couldn't wait to get outta High School, too. Now I find myself wanting to go back to those times when I'm still a High-schooler. Will I ever miss Matrix life, as well?? I guess that's why they say 'Be careful what you wish for', huh?

I really need to get on with my Chemistry Task now, so until then, xoxo! ^^

Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?

Spongebob Squarepants! :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's hard to keep up..

I've been killing some times by watching these dramas & animes, recently:
Playful Kiss ( Ada si Ji Hoo!! hahaha ) which was adapted from..

.. the anime 'Itazura Na Kiss' ( Nice anime!^^)
Gossip Girl!
Vampire Knight
And.. MY GIRL. Yes, I know, I'm so left behind. I never finished watching this drama. Which is why I'm watching it now. Lol. But it's worth it. So hilarious! xD Oh and BTW, somehow I find Lee Jun Ki is so hot! hahaha

Now who says you can't watch 'TV' in here?? Hahah. So glad I can still be a couch potato while I'm here. Er, I'm pretty worried about my study, though =.=

Somebody needs to slap me so hard to make me realize what's the reason I'm right here, right now. Sighhh.

p.s. My phone is damaged. It was a gift from my parents for my SPM. I really adore it. How could this happen to me? :(

Confession #47: I think my life is getting worse and worse.
Confession #48:"What the hell is your problem?!! Is there anything I do is effing right for you??" is the line I've been keeping to myself for awhile now. I don't think I'd say it out loud to the corresponding person, ever, 'cuz that's not my style. I keep quiet. That's how NOT to start a war.
Confession #49: I feel left out, somehow.
Confession #50: I keep wondering if I've been doing the right thing. 'Cuz it doesn't feel that way.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hajimemashite, mina-san!^^

Atashi wa LalaGurl-desu! Oh! I'm sorry. Let me translate those Japanese words for you..
'Hajimemashite' is something you say to people when you first meet them.
'Mina' means 'everybody'!
And the phrase 'Atashi wa LalaGurl-desu'- Oh! C'mon, you must've guessed it, already!- it means 'I am LalaGurl'.
See?? It's as simple as ABC! :D

Before I go on and on and on and on..
You must be very curious why I'm the one blogging today.
Well, it is because that my Ojou-sama, Aqilah Musfirah Binti Abd Rahman is SO fed up with her current school task she doesn't even feel like blogging right now.

So! Be prepared to be entertained by me and me alone!
Hihihi^^ (This is supposed to sound ultra cute!)

My Ojou-sama had been very generous to me for giving my place another makeover. This time, the theme is Fairytale! Can you see my castle?? Teehee!^^

This is my Japanese-style bathroom. Although it had nothing to do with fairytales, it's still nice! Ooh! No peeking at me bathing! Go away!

Ugh! This is far too modernized! Uhmm.. Well, it's not my Ojou-sama's fault, really. It seems so hard for her to make ends meet nowadays. Tsk! Tsk! Poor her..

Okey Dokey! I have to go now. Don't worry, I'll let you hear from me sooner than you thought! ^o^

You know you love me.

gossip girl LalaGurl :D

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You know what day it is :)

Dear Bloggers,
Apart from the fact that I'm lazy enough to search for another graphic, the image above has also something to do with two of my relatives, namely, my Aunt as well as my Grandma (From my father's sides,of course. My relatives from my Mom's sides are mostly Christians). They're currently at Mecca right now in order to complete one of their responsibilities as Muslims, as stated in the Rukun Islam, which is; Menunaikan Haji bagi yang mampu :) Well! All the best! :DD

p.s. It's been hectic all week. Maybe I'm having a depression. Oh, noo00ooo.... @__@

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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I turned 18 today yesterday..

One of my best and favorite birthday ever :)

It's so nice to hear from people whom I barely even heard of anymore.

It was fun having conversations like we had some times ago.

In fact, I was surprised that some of them would even bother to wish me "Happy Birthday".

Quite a large number of them wasn't so close to me, but I truly miss everybody from my past.

You know, most of the times, when I felt very content, glad, blissful and so forth, I just wished that the time would stop right there and never move again. I didn't wanna lose it. I wanted to have it forever.So sad but true, nothing really lasts forever, dear. When the clock's keep ticking, you'll eventually lose everything. That's life. Don't take it as a very bad thing, though. Because, when you lose something, you actually gain something else. It might not be soon enough. But the time WILL come.

Despite the fact that I'm officially 18, I actually have many other ridiculous wishes that are indeed very childish and will never ever come true. And one of them are, I wish that I could always go back in time and FEEL every of those memorable moments I ever had. REVERSE the stupidity I've done before and so much more.

I feel like I babble too much. And maybe, just maybe, I spilled too much, as well. But it's my birthday. Just let me have my moment.

Apart from getting birthday wishes from the ones who seem to be my past, I also get those wishes with people whom are super close to me for the time being. Like, for example, my roommates, my tutorialmates and of course, my BFF. The 1st one to wish me was Epal! She called me at midnight just to wish me on time. Hahaha. And I would also like to thank those who are eager enough to sing for me.  lol!

Frankly, I didn't get EVERYTHING that I'd expected or wished for. But I'm 101% sure that I got something better. I finally realize what I really need in my life and what I don't. 

Last but not least, thank you so much for making this special for me. I feel special today/yesterday. That's something I never feel since, like, forever! Prove: I refused to go to bed because I'm afraid that this feeling would go away the next day. Lol. But it's getting real late. It's 2.a.m. ++ 


Sweet Dreams, Everyone!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What If

what if?
what if I'm the one for you?
and you're the one for me?
what if...

if you are the one

then us meeting here is fate
future with a dog named Ben
buy a house with a fireplace
this is the first I've seen your face
but there a chance we are soulmates
I know that this might sound crazy
cuz you don't know my name

but we can't

we can't tell
the future no
the first kiss, the beauty of the world we know
so Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
we all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if

what if [6x]

picture me on one knee

with the perfect diamond ring
we just met, but if you say "yes"
we'd have our wedding on the beach
it could happen, raise three kids
and we grow old so happily
I know this may sound crazy
cuz I don't know your name

but we can't

we can't tell
the future no
But that's just, the beauty of the world we know
so Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
we all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if

don't know what tomorrow brings

but i'm still hoping
that you are the one for me
oh and what if I had you and what if you had me and
baby, what's the reason we can't fall in love?
what if
what if
what if

but we can't

we can't tell
the future no
But that's just the beauty of the world we know
so Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
we all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if

but we can't

we can't tell
the future no
But that's just the beauty of the world we know
so Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
we all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Totally unacceptable!

Neal Rodgers of Vinemont, Alabama had two beagles and after hunting the previous weekend he allowed them to run loose in a rural part of Vinemont located on County Road 1428.

Sunday morning, when he went to feed his dogs, an alarming sight greeted him. His three year old beagle, Anne, showed up bleeding.

Initially he thought she may have been hit by a car but it only took a moment to realize the truth, someone had actually skinned her!

“I can’t imagine who would do this. I have had bird dogs for years and never had anything like this happen,” Neal said describing the skinning as the way a hunter would skin a deer.

Anne had her coat removed from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail and down to the nipple line, all of which was done while she was alive.

“It is inhumane and I just can’t imagine anyone doing that to a living creature. I am just flabbergasted. I think whoever did this should be tied up and skinned,” said Janet Rodgers, Neal’s wife.

“How can this be OK?” Lee said. “The only reason someone would do this is out of extreme torture. The amount of torture involved is incomprehensible. It is a brutal and hideous crime, and I hope I never have to see anything like it again.”

Sheriff Tyler Roden said the Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case and said more details will be made available when the investigation concludes. Roden said the act is a Class C Felony charge and carries a fine up to $5,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

Found this on tumblr, posted by thechocolatebrigade. The moment I read this I was gobsmacked. Stupid heartless people! The only reason I thought you deserve to live is because you spare the poor dog's life. Huh!

Oh! Speaking of tumblr, I've changed my url to
If you are wondering about the 'xx', it's because has already been taken. lol.

I'm on a break now. My mind is chillin' & I'm likin' it because I don't have to worry about Bio, Chem etc anymore (Well, for now, of course).

And I was just back from going shopping at Suria and I wanna do it again. Shopping, I mean. 'Cuz I'm still not satisfied.

Maybe, just maybe, we're going for movies tomorrow.

I want shoes!!!

And tulip skirts!

That's it for now.

Last but not least: STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm packin' my bags, whatcha think about that?


It's been a while since my last babysitting 'task' :P

I kinda missed it (note: KINDA). Lol.

These are the two kiddies I have to babysit during my last two days in KK. They're my cousin^^ sooo kawaii but also cheeky =.=" LOL. The seven-year-old girl is Alissa, and her toddler brother is Mikael, who's almost two. Alisa ne suka bergaya. Asal dtg rumah mesti minta make-up tapi kakak-kakak di rumah ne pun bukannya pandai sangat apply make-up. Muka dia di atas ne adalah hasil make-up Kakak Aqilah Musfirah. Of course, the make-up was not too obvious. I didn't want her to look like a clown =.=" Si Mikael ne pula suka betul ketawa. Suka cubit org. Suka berlari. Suka kucing. Dan suka bola (?). Kadang2 bila nmpk iklan bola, dia akan jerit "Gollll!!!" dgn cara dia bercakap yg belum purr-fect lagi itu.

Ammar Mikael. Kiut kan? kiut kan? :D

Below is a video of Mikael playing with Milo, my all grown up baby kitty (huhu). Sooo cuteee!! XD He sounded like a toddler in The Sims 3~ Feel free to watch. Er.. Just ignore the voices at the end of the vid! lol!


I went for the SPA interview and I'm not sure what to tell. Lol.

But I'd say, I didn't do my best.

Oh well!

Not that I was expecting anything.

Try to picture me working as the woman above. Lol. Mcm x sesuai pula ne haha!

. . .

Okay now! It's getting late and I really should start packing.
I'm going back to Labuan tomorrow. Boohoo!
So that means I'll be on hiatus for a month or so.
Until then! :)

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Friday, September 17, 2010

"Bukan gayaku"

I should be at Labuan right now. No, actually, I should be there since yesterday. LOL. Apparently, I'm using the 'SPA interview' as an excuse to extend my holiday :P Hey, I really was am planning to go to the interview, okay. If everything goes well, that is. And by 'everything', I mean proper attire, copies of this and that, and other,er,stuffs I couldn't recall. Yes, if I manage to prepare all of 'em in time, OF COURSE I'll be going! Ha!

You know, the truth is.. I HATE staying at KML. I feel caged!!! Aaarrgghhh!!! I'm a person who love to go out and about. Check my right foot. There's a mole underneath. People said a person who has a mole underneath his/her foot goes out a lot. Therefore, proven! lol :P Goshhh.. All Saints is much better than this. I feel like moving every fuckn second. The only problems are:
  • I already ♥ my new set of friends :(((
  • I wanna finish studying ASAP and KML seems to be the only choice I have =.="

Question: WHY do loads of people think being at KML is successful??? It's not, okay? It's NOT!

One of my mates once tell me about her rich friend who was offered to be at KML but turned it down simply by saying "Bukan gayaku". And I just couldn't help thinking 'Ko org kaya senanglah', despite wishing that me, myself could be the one who get to say "Bukan gayaku" to KML, along with the wigling of my index finger.

Call me 'indecisive' but Mommy said her lecturer at UiTM is searching for students and she kind of want me to 'join the club'. Lalala~

BTW! I've watched Resident Evil: Afterlife with my girls..

It was our first time watching a movie with the 3D specs on... dan bermulalah ke-sakai-an di sana.. camwhoring etc.. Gambar tidak boleh di-upload kerana terdapat unsur-unsur ke-terlebihsakai-an. Harap maklum.
Sangat tidak girlie-nya movie ini. But who said girls can only watch girlie movies like chic flicks, romcom etc??
FACT(S): It seems normal for girls to watch movies that guys would usually prefer but it is absolutely weird when guys picked to watch chic flicks. It sure is lucky to be a girl, right?? lol!
I will miss our Girls Day Out once I'm back in Labuan again :'( And not to forget, 1B. Huaaaaa!!!!

Confession #46: I don't even know what I'm doing. I hope I won't get in anybody's way...

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Of Raya & Belang & Gratefulness

Hari ni raya..
So I should be happy, and I am, only I can't help feeling devastated for some reasons. Some of them are:
~x dpt balik kampung :( I'm looking forward to go there because it's the only place I can feel the 'suasana raya'.

~teda baju raya.. *heavy sigh* org len suma hepy dpt bju raya.. why oh why???

~my cat, Belang had recently died.
R.I.P my dear Belang :( It kills me to think that once-alive Belang is now lying lifeless in the ground. Well, at least I didn't have to see him when he was dying. It would kill me even more. I wonder, do animals go to heaven or do they just die?? Sometimes, I just told myself that he will be much happier up there, so that I'd feel better. But where exactly is 'there'?? I guess I'd never find out. At least not now.

~ I miss everybody like hell.

~kuih raya di rumah ada 3 balang sahaja..

~cuti tidak sampai dua minggu pun. hish!

BUT! Despite feeling disappointed, I'm also grateful for a few things:
  • Walaupun tidak dapat pulang ke kampung, saya bersyukur saya dapat 'spend' raya dgn parents :)
  • Walaupun tiada baju raya,  er, well, bukan balik kampung pun. So it shouldn't bother me that much. Besides, I should be grateful that my last year's pair of baju raya is still in good condition.
  • Walaupun kuih raya sangatx1000000000000 sikit, tapi ada banyak lagi makanan lain. E.g. Ice-cream, Macaroni. Which are my faves. Lagipun, I'm 101% sure those at Sandakan will surely send some of the kuih raya for us here ;D
  • Walaupun cuti pendek, saya tetap bersyukur sebab ada ramai lagi org yg x dpt cuti langsung. Apatah lagi balik kampung kan?
In the nutshell, no matter how unlucky you think you are, there are always another person who's more unfortunate than you. Therefore, learn to be grateful and appreciate what you already have. That's all for today tonight!

p.s. Smile though your heart is aching..
smile Pictures, Images and Photos

For those who watch glee, I'm sure you'd know this song ;)


Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

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