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and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have"

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What are you up to, now??

I super duper loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee today! :D

Why? Because.....

My kiddie-style timetable for today^^

[click to enlarge]

  • Muka malas pergi kuliah.
  • Muka malas buat homework.
  • Muka selalu extend cuti.
  • Muka selalu pulang awal dari tarikh cuti yg ditetapkan.
  • Muka yang tidak pernah tidak bustak.
  • Muka yg tidak pernah tidak pucat.
  • Muka ada jerawat sebab lewat tidur yang tidak disengajakan.
  • Muka tidak suka makan sayur dan ikan.
  • Muka suka makanan junk food.
  • Muka tidak photogenic.
  • Muka paranoid.
  • Muka yang menyerupai ramai orang.
    (trust me, the phrase " You look familiar." is very common to me =.=")

Itulah saya.

LOL. Sorry but I'm bored. Not in the mood to do any homework. Ngehngehngeh! >:D

Hmm.. I miss my kitties!! huhu ;(

But before I proceed, you must remain silent because they are 'sleeeeeping' ;)..

Silence is golden.

Milo and Choco

Soalan cepumas Matematik: Can you tell how many cats are there??

I'm showing you one of the many hidden uses of  DELL lappy. BTW don't you think Polka Dot(it's name) here looks a bit like Bola Sepak?? Hahaha :D Fat Cat! Or in Mandarin: "Fei Mao!" xD

Okay now! Playtime's over! Gotta go to M3 lecture! Pffffttt!!!! T__________T

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