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and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have"

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Thursday, July 12, 2012


p.s. I was in a bad very bad mood even before this happened. So this just made matters worse.


PLEASE tell me there's at least one bit of sarcasm in my reply. Because I was trying to be sarcastic AND nice, at the same time. Which explains the smiley at the end of the message. lol.  
I'm not trying to be rude, here. 

But I think I know exactly who you are.

Really?? COINCIDENCE?? MISTAKE?? Yeah, right.. You went to the same college with him and have his sister as our mutual friend. 
(Plus why would anyone subscribe to one's friend's public updates instead of sending a friend request? tch tch tch)

IF you're doing this to FB-stalk me, then I have a right to say something about it.



Oops. Forgot the smiley.


Thereeee you go :)

p.p.s Not that I'm mad or anything. It's just that I dislike being treated this way. If you want to know anything, ASK ME. NOT SUBSCRIBE TO MY PUBLIC UPDATES, MY DEAR :)

p.p.p.s. She unsubscribed me afterwards. Haha?

p.p.p.p.s Ooh! I should've added this line in my reply to make it more sarcastic: 'Send my regards to "Aqilah", will you? Hope she's doin' gooood :)' Er. . . Actually NO, I'm glad I didn't do that. It's too much! LOL. I wasn't looking for a fight, anyway.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not-so-wordless Wednesday

And I wonder why I never seem to lose weight.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bottle it up

What happened to us? What happened to me? I used to tell my BFFs everything (or at least almost everything). And they used to tell me stuff, too. But lately. . . No. Not 'lately'. It started in the year 2010, where all of us begun to choose our own paths, we didn't do very much of that since then. And now, we barely talk about that so-called "private" stuff anymore. For me, I feel like it's too much of a hassle to burden anyone with my thoughts and problems and dramas and whatsoever. Yeah, people changed, and so did I. As a conclusion, everyone changes. I thought that I can handle anything on my own so I just keep everything to myself and bottle it up.

But you know what? I don't think I'm doing good, right now. I feel like surprise-calling one of them and just let go everything I've been holding in before they even say "Hello". I've had enough. And honestly, if this is what a part of being "independent" is, then being independent sucks. But not so fast, I'm not ready to give up, yet. Not because I won't, but because I can't. I'm too used to being like this. You know, like not being able to open up about anything. And like how I'm too used to build walls around myself. And like not being able to let my guard down. Last but not least, like not being able to reassure myself to get too attached with anyone.
Sometimes I even feel like a robot. LOL. Because some acquaintances told me I was expressionless at times. 

Of course, being like this did not make me 100% happy but it had saved me from numerous kinds of pain. Even so, I'm not sure whether to be thankful or regretful for the things I've been missing on. Being in pain is one thing, but I don't wanna live in regrets.

p.s. I know I have The Munyitss and that they'll always be there for me. But I can't open up to my BFFs of 6-7 years, what makes you think it'd be easy for me to do so with them, right?

p.p.s Ugh. Third World Problem much?? I wish I was much, much stronger than this. Why am I such a weakling??

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Sunday, July 8, 2012


If having dogs as pets is not forbidden, I'd ♥ to have a husky :)

"Macho tak I?" ;3

Eh?? Why are there some lost white baby tigers, here?? (o_O) Ahahahaa justtt kiddin'.. I want 'em, too! XD

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Saturday, July 7, 2012


I did this today:
Haha but only for my bangs, though. 
And this is the result:
NOT short enough D:
Nevermind.. I'll make it shorter tomorrow.

Watched this :-
The Amazing Spider-Man

AH-MAZING lah juga. Worth-watching! :)

Well, actually, I'm just too exhausted to blog right now. So.. Zzzzzzzzz

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Ramadan's Coming!

Yep! In two-weeks time, it'll be here.

I don't even know if this is alright to be published publicly. But anyway, it's my blog so I'll do whatever I want with it, right?

The thing I wanna share about today is Fidyah. For anyone who have no clue about what it is, it's a compensation that has to be paid for the days you didn't get to make up the missed fasts of Ramadan.

I've just calculated mine. And.... my jaw dropped as I look at the amount. I mean, if I were a rich person, I'd say: "C'mon! That's all??? Seriously??? That's not even 1/10000 of my savings! Maybe I should add a bit more just to be generous". But the fact is, I'm not. So all I can say is: "D*mn! I should've settled this a long time ago."

Not that I never qada any of my missed fasts, it's just that it won't be enough to make it all up. Hey, I know I'm not a perfect muslimah, but at least I'm working on it. Yeah, just like that Paramore's song:

"Well maybe I'm not perfect, at least I'm working on it.." - Hello Cold World

So if any of you wanna calculate your fidyah, as well, just click here. Thank you, Ustaz! Whoever you are ;D


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