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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank God I Dodged the Bullet..

Some photos from our trip to Mamutik:

We enjoyed doing this.

I don't need to mention how fun it was. Oh! By the way, I've had my first snorkeling experience there :) Kesian kan.. Umur mahu dekat 19 tahun sudah baru konon mahu pergi snorkeling. Tidak pandai bergerak dalam air lagi tu.. Malulah juga. . .  lol.

As for my skin, well, Waka Waka! If you know what I mean :P

* * * * * * 

Mid-term's just around the corner and here I am sitting as though I have nothing to worry about. Seriously, when am I going to be serious about my studies?!! =.=lll

Confession#82: I'm stressed. But not about my studies. Ugh. Life's a b*tch!

p.s. WHY do I even care?

Sweet dreams~!!!!!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

et cetera...

So this is my Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia (TITAS) assignment for this week:

pada minggu ini pelajar diminta untuk menonton sebuah vidoe klip pendek yang berkisar tentang isu semasa. setiap pelajar diminta membuat ulasan dan kritikan selepas menonton video ini.
antara perkara yang perlu dibincangkan ialah
- peranan negara-negara luar terutamanya AS dalam menangani isu ini.
-kaitkan dengan perkembangan semasa
-dan pandangan anda.
ulasan adalah dalam bentuk esei. panjang ulasan adalah sekitar 100-200 patah perkataan.
selamat maju jaya wink

Hmm.. Not to mention I have lab reports (loaddddddssss of things to be done), Apresiasi Seni assignment AND dance/presentation, field trips to here and there, Academic Reading and Writing individual AND group assignments and sooooooo forth..

Oh! For the Apresiasi Seni dance/presentation, we'll be doing Tarian Kipas.

And none of us have any idea about this dance. WTH. (=_=") And to think that we only have about a week to prepare. . . Sighhhh.

My dad once said to me "You're a student. And students don't get enough sleep."

Whatever. Will receive MORE "free suntan" tomorrow, as we'll be heading to... . . * drum-rolls*




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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I regret nothing..

Okay. I lied. I do regret forgetting to buy myself a bottle of sunblock/sunscreen/whatsoever because I just got back from our SST Family Day and I am now SUFFERING from sunburn. My face is RED. REDDDDD. I am SO gonna treat my face with every method of dealing with sunburn that I know =.=

Nevertheless, of course, it was F-U-N! :D


Mind my facial expression. I really didn't wanna hold that thing but a friend of mine made me do it T.T lol

Will upload more on FB :3

Guess what? We (Marine Science students) will be having our own Family Day again on next week OR the following week AFTER next week. LOL. I guess this course is all about having fun, huh? hahaha. Buh-bye fair skin.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Strings Attached

Today I sit in front of the laptop all day. I have no life.



Bored :/ Bye! D:

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