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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hey, have you watched CARRIE?

It was actually a remake of the 1976 as well as the 2002's versions. And the movie was adapted from a novel by Stephen King, entitled "Carrie". Yeah well, I'd say 5/10 for the movie. Chloë Moretz was great but I think it's the storyline itself. It only gets interesting when it's closer to the ending.  And when the movie ended, I was, like, "THAT'S IT?"

That's just my point of view, though. OH MY GOD that actually deserves The Worst Movie Review of the Year Award. In fact, I don't even think that it sounds like a review, at all. Anyway, the reason that I'm posting this entry today is so that I can share this video (Bajet banyak followers lettew~), which is by far the coolest prank I've ever seen (Of course, it's related to CARRIE, duh.):

Oh I'd totally fall for that.

P.S. I SO need to revamp this blog. Sighhh... If only I'm not a Final Year student with crappy time-management skills.
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