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and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have"

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

You weren't there for me. That disappoints me.

Hi!!!!!!!!! I'm currently in my hometown again XD (which is, KK, of course)


And yep, I skipped another two days of classes just so that I can have a one-whole-week break. Oh it's OK. This will be the last holiday for us Matriculation students anyway :( (unless I wanna go back on weekends)

BTW I heard that Karamunsing is no longer a safe shopping venue.
Turns out that it IS true. Read this for further details. Aw, man.. Karamunsing is one of my favorite places to shop :((

Hari ini dan semalam:

Last night
I was searching for my keys in my bag because I wanna lock the door before going to bed. Then I found a set of keys that wasn't  even mine.
Me: Eh? Kunci sepa ne?
The mysterious keys. Kunci pintu dan kunci locker.

Bobo (My roommate): *Eyes widened* ... Cuba ko tanya kwn2 ko.
*So I asked everybody and none of them said it was theirs. Then I told Bobo about it.*
Bobo: *Eyes widened even more* Ey, seriously. Takut sudah aku sama ne bilik. Dulu kunci aku yg hilang, mati2 aku cari. Sekali bsuk tiba2 ada atas meja.

Me: *Freaks out* (Yup, I'm a coward when it comes to these stuffs) BOBO BAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cepat2 kunci pintu truz melompat p katil*
Ekin (My other roommate): Ui jgn kamu kasih takut aku bha. Baguz2 aku ble tdur. (Yup, juga penakut. LOL) Teda bha tu. Bsuk la Qila ko tnya balik dorang semua.
Me: Bha, yala. Bsukla. Kalaw masih adala tu kunci.
Ekin: . . . *silence* ....QILAH BHAAAAAA!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!

*At class* Nobody said it was theirs. So I pasted an announcement on the notice board and even include my number =.= I gave the keys to Nisa cuz she's staying at KML.

*At KK* Suddenly thought of one of my friends whom I was very sure that it's not hers. But I still had the urge to ask her. Sooo..
[Click to enlarge]

And then I was thinking again. Laa.. Patutla tuan punya kunci x mencari. Sudah memang locker dia x berpintu (Her locker was like that since the very first day she was there). LOL!! The reason I didn't thought of her earlier is because her keys used to be hanging with a slipper key-chain. Ish. Saspen betul =.=" 

Nasib teda org cuba maw prank saya. Cubalah. I'm in a bad mood due to the scary waves while on my way back to KK that made feel like I'm risking my life hahaha. But no, seriously. The dizziness hasn't fade until now. So, if u want to kena tiaw free2, be my guest :P

Hahaha so I guess that's it for tonight. 

p.s. We're doing a musical. It's about Julius Caesar. I know, boring. But we don't have a choice. Sheesh! Why can't we get something like Romeo & Juliet?? T.T
Behind the scenes:

Confession#56: Pourquoi je me sens comme si vous étiez à la dérive?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our time is running out.


It changes everything.

Including us.

Everybody's changed.

Nothing's gonna be the same ever again.

But no matter how far things have changed, please let our friendship remain the same :)

* * * * * *

I miss being a little girl. Why? Because back then:

1. My hardest problem was not knowing how to tie my shoelaces. ( So instead, my parents always bought me shoes with no laces, especially school shoes )

2. I always fell asleep on the couch but woke up on my bed the very next morning.
Of course, my bed was nothing like that :P

3. I didn't even know the meaning of 'problems'.

4. I got to ask stupid questions.
.. But didn't go this far, though. LOL.

* * * * * * * * * *

           I’m afraid of 27 out of 69 common fears.
Cross out the things you’re afraid of and put your score at the top.
  1. the dark
  2. staying single forever
  3. being a parent
  4. giving birth
  5. being myself in front of others
  6. open spaces
  7. closed spaces
  8. heights
  9. dogs
  10. birds
  11. fish
  12. spiders
  13. flowers or other plants
  14. being touched
  15. fire
  16. deep water
  17. snakes
  18. silk
  19. the ocean
  20. failure
  21. success
  22. thunder/lightning
  23. frogs/toads
  24. my boyfriends/girlfriends dad
  25. boyfriends/girlfriends mom
  26. rats
  27. jumping from high places
  28. snow
  29. rain
  30. wind
  31. crossing hanging bridges
  32. death
  33. heaven
  34. being robbed
  35. falling
  36. clowns
  37. dolls
  38. large crowds of people
  39. men
  40. women
  41. having great responsibilities
  42. doctors, including dentists
  43. tornados
  44. hurricanes
  45. incurable diseases
  46. sharks
  47. friday the 13th
  48. ghosts
  49. poverty
  50. halloween
  51. school
  52. trains
  53. odd numbers
  54. even numbers
  55. being alone
  56. becoming blind
  57. becoming deaf
  58. growing up
  59. creepy noises in the night
  60. bee stings
  61. not accomplishing my dreams/goals
  62. needles
  63. blood
  64. dinosaurs
  65. the welcome mat
  66. high speed
  67. throwing up
  68. falling in love
  69. super secrets
If you repost this, it’s been requested that you title it “I’m afraid of _ out of 69 common fears”
If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling.
If you get more than 20, you’re paranoid.
If you get 10-20, you are normal.
If you get 10 or less, you’re fearless.
People who don’t have any are liars.
Reblog this if you want to :)

Before I doze off,
Don't fill your minds with ugly thoughts, aite?? ;P

p.s. going back to Labuan tomorrow. Will be back in KK one week after. Muahaha. So, uh, tata for now!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cute is what we aim for..

Because these emoticons are cute, but my current feelings are not. So.. yeah.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

meus es tu soles

I've always think that being multilingual is COOL.

Don't you think so?

I found myself very envious towards others who can speak in more than 3 different languages. Fluently, of course. Kalau tidak fluent, saya pun boleh. Saya boleh cakap broken ( atau lebih tepat, 'shattered' ) Korean, Mandarin and Japanese bhaaa. LOL =.="

Languages I wish to master:
1. Japanese

Why? I dunno. It sounds cute hahaha xD or should I say, 'sore wa kawaii ne'? Plus I'm used to watching anime and jdrama :P

2. Korean
I bet you know why. Yep, too many kdrama =.=" but I'm not one of those Kpop die-hard fans, though. I just ♥ some of them. Not necessarily that as soon as a new kpop song is released, I have to be crazy over it straight away. No. That's not me =.=" In fact, I don't even search for Korean songs (except for BIG BANG haha :D ) Dangsin-eun eottaeyo? Dangsin-eun kpop gwangsinja issseubnikka?

* * * * *

FRENCH toast.

Mmm.. Yumm..
Er, I mean..
3.FRENCH! hehe =.="
Why? It's romantic. It's elegant. It's classy. It's classical. Ooh La La! What's not to ♥? Ce n'est pas à l'amour? Dites-moi!

4. Russian
Why? Because it's.. different. And..complicated. Don't believe me? Then check these out:

Russian alphabet.
Russian Letter Letter's Name, in Russian How to Prononunce Transliteration 1 Vowel
"ah"a in carax
"beh"b in bitb-
"veh"v in vinev-
"geh"g in gog-
"deh"d in dod-
"yeh"ye in yetye or ex
"yo"yo in yolkyox
"zheh"s in pleasurezh-
"zeh"z in zooz-
"ee"ee in seeix
"ee kratkoyeh"
"short ee"
y in boyi or y or j-
"kah"k in kittenk-
"ehl"l in lampl-
"ehm"m in mapm-
"ehn"n in notn-
"oh"o in folkox
"peh"p in petp-
"ehr"r in roll 2r-
"ehs"s in sees-
"teh"t in tipt-
"oo"oo in bootux
"ehf"f in facef-
"khah"h in house 3kh or h-
"tseh"ts in sitsts-
"cheh"ch in chipch-
"shah"sh in shutsh-
"schyah"sh in sheepsch-
"tvyordiy znahk"
"hard sign"
"i"i in illyx
"myagkeey znahk"
"soft sign"
"eh"e in metex
"yoo"u in useyux
"yah"ya in yardyax

the russian keyboard.

Hmm.. Looong way to go, huh? @___@

5. Latin.
Just because. LOL! xD

6. Italian.
Why? I think Italian sounds just nice :) Inoltre, mi piace la pasta .. hohoho!
so, um, Rome, anyone? :)

Last but not least,
7. Spanish.
I just knew that Spanish is not he same as Latin =.=" Gosh.. what an idiot. Hahaha! Son dos idiomas diferentes . Lalala~

Wanna learn foreign languages as well? This helps :)
Click here

Okay! Sudahlah tu.

So! Which Language Course do you think I should take when I'm in Uni later?? :/

p.s. Have you heard about Facebook shutting down? Pfft!! No worries! Those are just rumors! And speaking of Facebook, this is my current addiction:

Totally Spies Fashion Agents. Bahah! xD
Au revoir!
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