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Saturday, January 29, 2011

You weren't there for me. That disappoints me.

Hi!!!!!!!!! I'm currently in my hometown again XD (which is, KK, of course)


And yep, I skipped another two days of classes just so that I can have a one-whole-week break. Oh it's OK. This will be the last holiday for us Matriculation students anyway :( (unless I wanna go back on weekends)

BTW I heard that Karamunsing is no longer a safe shopping venue.
Turns out that it IS true. Read this for further details. Aw, man.. Karamunsing is one of my favorite places to shop :((

Hari ini dan semalam:

Last night
I was searching for my keys in my bag because I wanna lock the door before going to bed. Then I found a set of keys that wasn't  even mine.
Me: Eh? Kunci sepa ne?
The mysterious keys. Kunci pintu dan kunci locker.

Bobo (My roommate): *Eyes widened* ... Cuba ko tanya kwn2 ko.
*So I asked everybody and none of them said it was theirs. Then I told Bobo about it.*
Bobo: *Eyes widened even more* Ey, seriously. Takut sudah aku sama ne bilik. Dulu kunci aku yg hilang, mati2 aku cari. Sekali bsuk tiba2 ada atas meja.

Me: *Freaks out* (Yup, I'm a coward when it comes to these stuffs) BOBO BAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cepat2 kunci pintu truz melompat p katil*
Ekin (My other roommate): Ui jgn kamu kasih takut aku bha. Baguz2 aku ble tdur. (Yup, juga penakut. LOL) Teda bha tu. Bsuk la Qila ko tnya balik dorang semua.
Me: Bha, yala. Bsukla. Kalaw masih adala tu kunci.
Ekin: . . . *silence* ....QILAH BHAAAAAA!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!

*At class* Nobody said it was theirs. So I pasted an announcement on the notice board and even include my number =.= I gave the keys to Nisa cuz she's staying at KML.

*At KK* Suddenly thought of one of my friends whom I was very sure that it's not hers. But I still had the urge to ask her. Sooo..
[Click to enlarge]

And then I was thinking again. Laa.. Patutla tuan punya kunci x mencari. Sudah memang locker dia x berpintu (Her locker was like that since the very first day she was there). LOL!! The reason I didn't thought of her earlier is because her keys used to be hanging with a slipper key-chain. Ish. Saspen betul =.=" 

Nasib teda org cuba maw prank saya. Cubalah. I'm in a bad mood due to the scary waves while on my way back to KK that made feel like I'm risking my life hahaha. But no, seriously. The dizziness hasn't fade until now. So, if u want to kena tiaw free2, be my guest :P

Hahaha so I guess that's it for tonight. 

p.s. We're doing a musical. It's about Julius Caesar. I know, boring. But we don't have a choice. Sheesh! Why can't we get something like Romeo & Juliet?? T.T
Behind the scenes:

Confession#56: Pourquoi je me sens comme si vous étiez à la dérive?

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