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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your past. Of course.

Okay, I know that the second last line in my previous entry was this >> "Ok, I'ma get some sleep now. MAYBE you'd hear from me again when I arrived safely (but not happily) in my room." (When I mentioned 'room', I mean my room at KML.)

But as crazy as it might sound, I'm in KK again. Yes, I mean right now. I've been here since yesterday =.=" And FYI, I just arrived at Labuan two days ago =.="  And seriously, I didn't even plan to go back to KK at that time. It was a last minute decision. After a couple of hours of knowing that Malaysia won the football match against Indonesia, and I was, like, WTH?? Don't get it wrong! Not that I blame Malaysia for winning. In fact, I am really proud. Betul ne. Saya tidak tipu.But it's just that if I'd known it earlier, I wouldn't have to be a moron for going back to Labuan and then back to KK again the very next day =.="

Kan best kalau pintu suka hati si Doraemon ne betul2 wujud??

Moving on! One of my cats, Cotton had given birth to a baby kitty named Lucky.
Cotton. Who did this to you??!

Lucky! :) Why 'Lucky' of all names?? Because she's lucky to be alive. It's a long story. But to make it short, if  Mom hadn't get Cotton to the vet in time, we'll never get to see Lucky and even Cotton (ever again!)

Random picture. They really posed like models, right?? =.=

Finally, I get to see Epal after several months. Gosh, I missed her. Hahaha!
Trip cumil xD

And this is my cousin, Nicko. He'd been fooling around trying to act like a mannequin in 1B's Calvin Klein store =.="
BTW, there were a couple of tourists inside the store while he did that and they couldn't help but to laugh. LOL!

And I went out again today. With Celest and my sis.

Oh, mataku! Dah bustak, tidur lambat lagi. Tu la akibatnya.

random. @ Living Cabin

We watched:

Niceeee!!! >.< Y'all better go watch!

Ooh! Ooh! I wanna recommend you one more movie, which is:
Beautiful+Cute+Saddd DDDD: If you like Koizora, :'d definitely ♥ I Give My First Love to You. Very heartwarming!!

--Spoiler alert!--

At first, I asked myself why did he have to die?? Why did he have to go??? Why can't a miracle happen?? Why can't two people in love be together in the end???
But then again, it came to me that: Love is like a fairytale. However, fairytales don't always have a happy ending. That's just how life is, right??? ;)

* * * * * *

Before I end this, look at this image below:
The number I received while waiting for my order at KFC yesterday.
Seriously, there's been too many times that this number appeared in front of me. What does it really mean?? Is this some kind of sign or something?? =.="

And... last but not least, 

I hear fireworkssssss. . .  :)))
What does it mean, everyone???
I'll give you a solution:
I'm really sorry if I'd done anything wrong to anyone, and please forgive me if I've ever hurt you in any way. I never meant to hurt anybody really. I ♥ you all!

Apart from that, I would also like to thank everyone who'd made me felt happy, loved, needed etc throughout the year 2010. It really was a memorable year. Be it gleeful memories or bitter. Those moments made us who we are today.

Let's become a better person for 2011! :)

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