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and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have"

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All aboard??

In ferry now. On my way back to the 'fun' Labuan. And to the even more 'fun' KML! :DD *fake smile*

Oh well, I extended my holiday for two days, already. I really thought I would be going back alone today, but it turns out that Ekin is also here with me, right in front of me =.=" Was really surprised to see her 'cuz she was supposed to be at Labuan since yesterday. Haha maybe we're meant to be roommates. lololol!

Eh, sorry, ter-fantasize sekejap.

Ini barulah feri yg saya sedang naik sekarang =.=":

This is when it finally reaches Terminal Feri Antarabangsa Labuan after about four hours.

*Yawn* I feel so sleepy now. I didn't have my eight-hours of sleep. Please don't even imagine how I look now. Please, I beg you.

Ok, I'ma get some sleep now. MAYBE you'd hear from me again when I arrived safely (but not happily) in my room.

p.s. I wonder how's Cotton right now ;(

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