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Friday, August 31, 2012


Er.. Err.. . . .  HAPPY EID MUBARAK to all Muslims..?? ehehehehe it's not too late bah kan? ehehehehe

Okay, fine! It IS too late! I swear the holiday just makes people lazier and lazier and lazier and lazier and..- you get the point. ehehehehe My blog deserves to kena buang laut, I know ehehehehe

And although I DID accomplish a couple of *quote* GOALS*unqoute*, there are millions more left unaccomplished Oh well.

Moving on, my cousin was asking a question about something (Not to be mentioned here) and I answered my typical answer, as always (Also, not to be mentioned here. Sorry

And then she was, like, "You're a lot like Robin (of How I Met your Mother [HIMYM], real name: Cobie Smulders)."

And I was, like, " =______=. . . Please don't compare me to a fictional character."

But deep down I know it was quite true. I felt like I could relate to Robin Scherbatsky while I was watching the show. Whoever watches HIMYM will definitely understand what I'm trying to say here ;P

Maybe I could be in the show and be Robin's BFF hahahaha just kidding. Okay I'm done babbling. Goodnight, world ;)


Oops! Almost forgot! Happy Independence Day, Malaysia! :D
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Sunday, August 5, 2012


You still make Malaysians proud, Lee Chong Wei!

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Internal Memory Problem Solved :D

**I'm blogging about this so that I'd have no problem to redo this IF in case my SD card got formatted. And, well, as a reference for any of you who stumbled upon my blog and happens to have the same problem as I did (Internal Memory Space keeps getting annoyingly low even though you've uninstalled pretty much every app in your android)



1) Root your phone
2) Download these files
3) Install Link2SD
4) Restart in recovery mode (HOME+POWER button)
5) Select Apply update from SD
6)Select Skin of WCM >> Advanced >> Partition
7) Select anything up to 1GB (your choice)
8) Select 0MB
9) Reboot
10) Open Link2SD and select ext3 (if unable, just go with ext2 or FAT32)
11) Reboot system
12) Create link for apps to SD

DONE! :)

p.s. anyone know where can I get Samsung Galaxy Ace cute covers like these at reasonable price?? :3

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