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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You believe in voodoo ah??

Just finished watching:

Nice British fantasy movie. Thumbs up!

I am experiencing upper arm pain. I'm quite sure it's not muscle cramps, though. It's more like somebody-pinches-you-too-hard kind of pain. I wonder what's the cause since nobody pinched me today. Lol. I was curious so I googled it. Here are the possible causes of upper arm pain:

  • Fractures
caused by trauma to the upper arm that breaks or cracks the bone 
(Which is probably not the cause for my case, of course =.=")
  • Tendinitis
occurs when tendons, the bands of tissue that connect bone to muscle, become inflamed
  • Muscle strain
occurs when a muscle is overstretched and the muscle tissue is torn
  • Heartburn
caused by stomach acid backing up into the esophagus
  • Brachial Plexus Injury
can occur during contact sports, auto accidents and falls.
("Falls"?? Hmm.. Sounds like me T___T)
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
damage at the peripheral nervous system nerves


Whoa.. I can't believe I post about such things. Barulah rasa macam life science student sikit. Lol! xD

Regarding the title;
Apa itu Voodoo? Nah.
Get the idea?? A voodoo doll represents a person (usually someone you hate). When you hit/prick/stab the doll, the corresponding person will also feel the pain.

Freaky, huh?*raises an eyebrow*

Why suddenly about voodoo doll? Because the first thing came to my mind when I realized my upper arm pain is voodoo. Hahaha! I know. You must be thinking "Some imagination you have, there =.=".. Or maybe "Weirdo!"..

Well, of course I don't think it's true. It's just a silly random thought. Hahaha. Semua orang yang saya kenal baik2 maa... kannn???^^

But I do believe in voodoo, anyway. Nothing is impossible. So that means everything is possible, don't you agree??

Ok, I'm talking craps again, aren't I? =.="

* * *

Today we learned Manglish.

Manglish stands for Malaysian English.
You know, the phrases like "Don't kacau me bha..." , "You want to go, go lah", "Can give me some ah?".. and so forth.

Air-corn! xDD

Oh no! You didn't! You didn't just say the 'C' word! Hahahaha!!

Or you may as well refer it as Mangled English, I guess. LOL! So let me use my Manglish before logging off, aite??

I not yet done my Math assignment. Make me pening kepala ohhh. It's a total pain in the ass! Dunno sempat or not I do this before I go balik KK. Now it's 7p.m. oredi. I mandi pun belum.Aiyoo.. How la this?? I better cepat2 mandi now and continue do my assignment. Aiyo die lo... ah see you next time ah!

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