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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sugar, Spice and everything nice!

Me:Hey! Hey You! You know what?
Me:I haven't done my homework.

Me:Hey! Hey You! You know what?
You:. . .
Me:Hey! Hey! Hey You!
You: What is it?!
Me: I'm so left behind I don't know how to catch up on my studies.

Me: Hey! Hey! Hey You! You know what else? 
You: Argghhh!!! I DON'T FUCKN CARE!!!
Me: Hey! Hey! Hey! I'm Faaaat Albert ;D

Hullo! Nevermind that. It's just one of my way of telling you about my unfinished homework and how clueless I am about my studies now. LOL. Inspiration: Annoying Orange. (Have you watched it on Youtube, yet? ^^)

Lets talk about this:

A and B are an item. One day, A found out that B is cheating on her with C. A ended up putting all the blame on C and keep insulting C for being such a bitch, whore etc, while B gets away with it.

The question is:
How is this fair? B is the one guilty, yet he gets away with it! If B really loves A, he would never cheat on her no matter how hard C tried hitting on B. That's all A needs to realize.

Are you wondering why am I suddenly bringing this up?
Well, to be honest, I've heard loads of stories about love triangle nowadays and many of them are people around me. And majority blames the wrong party, as well. I just couldn't help thinking, either love really is blind or people in ♥ just personally choose to be blind. Well, the next time you're involved in such situation, you know who to blame! lol.

Last but not least, latest on Facebook:

FORWARDED:Changeyour facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children.

I'm using Blossom as my profile picture for now. I don't know why, but unlike most people, I've always liked Blossom better than Bubbles hahaha..

The Powerpuff Girls
Back when I was little, I never missed a single episode of this cartoon n_n 
They're just soooo adorable!

Have you changed YOUR profile picture(s)?? :))

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