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Monday, January 17, 2011

And I thought I could never see it again. . .


Was already in KK since the 13th Jan 2011.

Did not update due to laziness :P

I started going to the gym since two weeks ago with these three monke-, eh, people. hehe


As you can see, there's no picture of me working out. Please trust me, I really was there. No, I'm not lying =.=" It's just that I dislike uploading my photo when I look sweaty in it. Seriously =.=" Those 3 still look gorgeous that's why it's not beyond cruel to upload their pictures here ehehe. But me?? A big fat NOPE

Went out again. With these girls:
When can I ever own a giant teddy?? I really want one!! :(  But I don't see myself getting one, anyhow. So all I can do is take loads of pictures with giant teddies D: oh that is SO sad!

Celest & Ifa. OINK!
Saya tidak faham kenapa ada yg benci sama babi. I mean, I know we muslims are forbidden to eat AND touch this creature. But that doesn't mean Allah wants us to resent them. And same goes to dogs. They don't deserve to be hated. Dorang tu makhluk Tuhan juga bha, walaupun bukan makhluk Tuhan paling seksis la. Lol.

the FOUR of us.

sapika trojana.

Do u see what I see?

time to go home!

Confession#52: I shouldn't have went through those old.. photos. But then again, I thought it was deleted, already. Sighhh.. Now I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

Confession#53: My RM1250 allowance which was out in the middle of December had 'magically' turned into RM50 today. My oh my. When can I ever learn not to splurge whenever I feel like it ? =.="

Confession#54: I do not understand how 'holy' people consider themselves holy when they are racists. (p.s. please don't misunderstand this. Am not referring to ALL holy people alive, but some.)

I noticed that my last entry didn't really link you to my 2nd tumblelog. So here. Once again.
click the image above.

Just in case you wish to visit my first tumblelog :)
[click here]
this one is very emo =.="
Mostly are reblogs.
Reblogs of quotes and certain images as well.
Those images may mean nothing at all to u, but it contains more than a thousand meanings to me. 
I guess you can say that this blog is where I express my silent cries :)

So I guess that's all for tonight.

Let these cuties from KML library wave you goodbye..

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