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Thursday, January 20, 2011

meus es tu soles

I've always think that being multilingual is COOL.

Don't you think so?

I found myself very envious towards others who can speak in more than 3 different languages. Fluently, of course. Kalau tidak fluent, saya pun boleh. Saya boleh cakap broken ( atau lebih tepat, 'shattered' ) Korean, Mandarin and Japanese bhaaa. LOL =.="

Languages I wish to master:
1. Japanese

Why? I dunno. It sounds cute hahaha xD or should I say, 'sore wa kawaii ne'? Plus I'm used to watching anime and jdrama :P

2. Korean
I bet you know why. Yep, too many kdrama =.=" but I'm not one of those Kpop die-hard fans, though. I just ♥ some of them. Not necessarily that as soon as a new kpop song is released, I have to be crazy over it straight away. No. That's not me =.=" In fact, I don't even search for Korean songs (except for BIG BANG haha :D ) Dangsin-eun eottaeyo? Dangsin-eun kpop gwangsinja issseubnikka?

* * * * *

FRENCH toast.

Mmm.. Yumm..
Er, I mean..
3.FRENCH! hehe =.="
Why? It's romantic. It's elegant. It's classy. It's classical. Ooh La La! What's not to ♥? Ce n'est pas à l'amour? Dites-moi!

4. Russian
Why? Because it's.. different. And..complicated. Don't believe me? Then check these out:

Russian alphabet.
Russian Letter Letter's Name, in Russian How to Prononunce Transliteration 1 Vowel
"ah"a in carax
"beh"b in bitb-
"veh"v in vinev-
"geh"g in gog-
"deh"d in dod-
"yeh"ye in yetye or ex
"yo"yo in yolkyox
"zheh"s in pleasurezh-
"zeh"z in zooz-
"ee"ee in seeix
"ee kratkoyeh"
"short ee"
y in boyi or y or j-
"kah"k in kittenk-
"ehl"l in lampl-
"ehm"m in mapm-
"ehn"n in notn-
"oh"o in folkox
"peh"p in petp-
"ehr"r in roll 2r-
"ehs"s in sees-
"teh"t in tipt-
"oo"oo in bootux
"ehf"f in facef-
"khah"h in house 3kh or h-
"tseh"ts in sitsts-
"cheh"ch in chipch-
"shah"sh in shutsh-
"schyah"sh in sheepsch-
"tvyordiy znahk"
"hard sign"
"i"i in illyx
"myagkeey znahk"
"soft sign"
"eh"e in metex
"yoo"u in useyux
"yah"ya in yardyax

the russian keyboard.

Hmm.. Looong way to go, huh? @___@

5. Latin.
Just because. LOL! xD

6. Italian.
Why? I think Italian sounds just nice :) Inoltre, mi piace la pasta .. hohoho!
so, um, Rome, anyone? :)

Last but not least,
7. Spanish.
I just knew that Spanish is not he same as Latin =.=" Gosh.. what an idiot. Hahaha! Son dos idiomas diferentes . Lalala~

Wanna learn foreign languages as well? This helps :)
Click here

Okay! Sudahlah tu.

So! Which Language Course do you think I should take when I'm in Uni later?? :/

p.s. Have you heard about Facebook shutting down? Pfft!! No worries! Those are just rumors! And speaking of Facebook, this is my current addiction:

Totally Spies Fashion Agents. Bahah! xD
Au revoir!

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