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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Some things you don't know about me:

#1. I get irritated instantly whenever other people are badmouthing any of my dear friends. Therefore, just so you know, you'd never catch me myself doing the same thing to my mates. However, I'm still human. I still get mad. But even if I do, I'd handle that by myself. Wanna know one simple way to do so? Set up a private blog.
My private blog. Censored, of course. It wouldn't be private, otherwise :P
Any uncertainty, any anger, any regret, any secret, any thing you know you shouldn't be posting around for the whole world to see.You can let it all go, in there. Because you know, you can't take back a word once it's said. Even if you can delete that non-private entry, but can you really delete it from people's mind? Unless kau ada brain-washing machine lah. So think about it, yeah?

#2. This might be a bit hard to understand since many people never obey this rule: Don't do it to other people if you yourself despise it. I won't. I'd stick to that rule, forever. E.g. Don't make someone else mad when you yourself loathe getting pissed off. Get it, now??

#3. This is something I figured out, recently. I belong to B+ blood group.  Students of Labuan Matriculation College (LMC) ran an experiment to test  their blood type, last week, FYI.
Shu'Aib's. He's O+
Afiq's. B+. The first circle was accidentally smudged. Pekat kan darah dia? Jelez saya owh =.=" Berselera terus vampire law nampak ne.

And.. my blood. =.=" Pity me ohh!! Not even enough for the fouth circle, which acts as the control. But at least enough for me to know what my blood type is. I bet Edward Cullen (vampire paling popular. lol) wouldn't even thirst if he sees this wuwuuu.. x(
Oops! Did I mention that I am kind of.. anaemic?? But just slightly, of course. That's the reason I always look so pale and exhausted.
my finger. been pricked twice. But still, the blood won't come out :( can u see two tiny holes there??

our reference.

#4. I always start my entry with an unrelated title. Have you, by any chance, noticed??

#5. I'm not studious. I never was.
Geeky Qilah?? Not a chance.

Okay! That's it, I guess.

Currently watching:
Personal Taste.


Current addiction:

CSI game on fb.

It Girl on facebook.

wait till I reach KK again!! At Labuan cannot even load T___T 
Adik-adik, study baik2, nanti boleh sambung belajar pergi tempat yang internet connection-nya laju.

My new tumblelog:

Click the image if u wish to visit. That is Chace Crawford. My second BF. The first one is still JB hahaha!
Oppa! ♥

Last but not least, check out this rather narcissistic song. 
It's good for boosting up your confidence, though. Hahahah

'Till next time! :B

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