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Monday, January 3, 2011

Daddy, Daddy cooool..


I'm at Labuan, already.

I got here by speedboat.

The first time I rode one:-
(It was morning, so the tide wasn't that high, plus I was with my Mom and granny {yes, granny}lol)
I was, like, "Hek Eleh! Apa la yg org takut sgt naik speedboat ne?? X menakutkan langsung!"

(It was 4.oo p.m. and the tide was, like, real high![nah! Amek kau!] =.=" plus I was alone)
I couldn't think of anything else but to swear that I'd never ever ride a speedboat in the evening again! DX
..Unless the speedboat looks like this:

Hahaha cool kan?

* * * * *

Today I heard an amazing story from Dad about his near-death experience. A long time ago, he could've been dead (typing that 'd' word sends shiver down my spine =.=") for almost drowning and even worse.

I couldn't recall everything that he told me..  (I was too gobsmacked to concentrate) but I do remember him saying these..
"Saya pernah hampir lemas....... Maw sampai dekat Philippines sudah....Sudahlah ribut, gelap lagi. Banyak kapal limpas-limpas sana..... Nasib ja x terlanggar kami.... Ada 1 kapal kecil ternampak kami (he and some friends, I guess??).. Nasib la dya tolong then dya dropped us off at somewhere nearby.. Baik juga itu orang..." 

That's all I remember. 

After several minutes being quiet due to shock, all these things came rushing into my mind:
(NOTE: MY MIND. I didn't say it out loud, of course)
  1. Whoa! Dad! That is SO cool! It's just like in the movies! 
  2. Er.. What exactly were you doing at the ocean??
  3. What did you do that you get thrown off whatever you rode?? =.="
  4. My Dad iswas adventurous??? WTH???!!!
  5. What did you ride?? Raft?? =.="

Also, he was too close to being involved in accidents many times before while on plane.

Well, actually, he told me that as part of his 'lecture' for me since I never really care much about my safety. (e.g. riding express ferry from Labuan to KK while the weather's bad, which means when the waves are very dangerous) 

*rolls eyes*

Bha. That's all. It's time for my beauty sleep now. Lala-land's waiting.
Good Night, peeps! May you dream of me tonight hahaha. JKJK. =.="

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