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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm packin' my bags, whatcha think about that?


It's been a while since my last babysitting 'task' :P

I kinda missed it (note: KINDA). Lol.

These are the two kiddies I have to babysit during my last two days in KK. They're my cousin^^ sooo kawaii but also cheeky =.=" LOL. The seven-year-old girl is Alissa, and her toddler brother is Mikael, who's almost two. Alisa ne suka bergaya. Asal dtg rumah mesti minta make-up tapi kakak-kakak di rumah ne pun bukannya pandai sangat apply make-up. Muka dia di atas ne adalah hasil make-up Kakak Aqilah Musfirah. Of course, the make-up was not too obvious. I didn't want her to look like a clown =.=" Si Mikael ne pula suka betul ketawa. Suka cubit org. Suka berlari. Suka kucing. Dan suka bola (?). Kadang2 bila nmpk iklan bola, dia akan jerit "Gollll!!!" dgn cara dia bercakap yg belum purr-fect lagi itu.

Ammar Mikael. Kiut kan? kiut kan? :D

Below is a video of Mikael playing with Milo, my all grown up baby kitty (huhu). Sooo cuteee!! XD He sounded like a toddler in The Sims 3~ Feel free to watch. Er.. Just ignore the voices at the end of the vid! lol!


I went for the SPA interview and I'm not sure what to tell. Lol.

But I'd say, I didn't do my best.

Oh well!

Not that I was expecting anything.

Try to picture me working as the woman above. Lol. Mcm x sesuai pula ne haha!

. . .

Okay now! It's getting late and I really should start packing.
I'm going back to Labuan tomorrow. Boohoo!
So that means I'll be on hiatus for a month or so.
Until then! :)

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