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Friday, September 17, 2010

"Bukan gayaku"

I should be at Labuan right now. No, actually, I should be there since yesterday. LOL. Apparently, I'm using the 'SPA interview' as an excuse to extend my holiday :P Hey, I really was am planning to go to the interview, okay. If everything goes well, that is. And by 'everything', I mean proper attire, copies of this and that, and other,er,stuffs I couldn't recall. Yes, if I manage to prepare all of 'em in time, OF COURSE I'll be going! Ha!

You know, the truth is.. I HATE staying at KML. I feel caged!!! Aaarrgghhh!!! I'm a person who love to go out and about. Check my right foot. There's a mole underneath. People said a person who has a mole underneath his/her foot goes out a lot. Therefore, proven! lol :P Goshhh.. All Saints is much better than this. I feel like moving every fuckn second. The only problems are:
  • I already ♥ my new set of friends :(((
  • I wanna finish studying ASAP and KML seems to be the only choice I have =.="

Question: WHY do loads of people think being at KML is successful??? It's not, okay? It's NOT!

One of my mates once tell me about her rich friend who was offered to be at KML but turned it down simply by saying "Bukan gayaku". And I just couldn't help thinking 'Ko org kaya senanglah', despite wishing that me, myself could be the one who get to say "Bukan gayaku" to KML, along with the wigling of my index finger.

Call me 'indecisive' but Mommy said her lecturer at UiTM is searching for students and she kind of want me to 'join the club'. Lalala~

BTW! I've watched Resident Evil: Afterlife with my girls..

It was our first time watching a movie with the 3D specs on... dan bermulalah ke-sakai-an di sana.. camwhoring etc.. Gambar tidak boleh di-upload kerana terdapat unsur-unsur ke-terlebihsakai-an. Harap maklum.
Sangat tidak girlie-nya movie ini. But who said girls can only watch girlie movies like chic flicks, romcom etc??
FACT(S): It seems normal for girls to watch movies that guys would usually prefer but it is absolutely weird when guys picked to watch chic flicks. It sure is lucky to be a girl, right?? lol!
I will miss our Girls Day Out once I'm back in Labuan again :'( And not to forget, 1B. Huaaaaa!!!!

Confession #46: I don't even know what I'm doing. I hope I won't get in anybody's way...

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