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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I turned 18 today yesterday..

One of my best and favorite birthday ever :)

It's so nice to hear from people whom I barely even heard of anymore.

It was fun having conversations like we had some times ago.

In fact, I was surprised that some of them would even bother to wish me "Happy Birthday".

Quite a large number of them wasn't so close to me, but I truly miss everybody from my past.

You know, most of the times, when I felt very content, glad, blissful and so forth, I just wished that the time would stop right there and never move again. I didn't wanna lose it. I wanted to have it forever.So sad but true, nothing really lasts forever, dear. When the clock's keep ticking, you'll eventually lose everything. That's life. Don't take it as a very bad thing, though. Because, when you lose something, you actually gain something else. It might not be soon enough. But the time WILL come.

Despite the fact that I'm officially 18, I actually have many other ridiculous wishes that are indeed very childish and will never ever come true. And one of them are, I wish that I could always go back in time and FEEL every of those memorable moments I ever had. REVERSE the stupidity I've done before and so much more.

I feel like I babble too much. And maybe, just maybe, I spilled too much, as well. But it's my birthday. Just let me have my moment.

Apart from getting birthday wishes from the ones who seem to be my past, I also get those wishes with people whom are super close to me for the time being. Like, for example, my roommates, my tutorialmates and of course, my BFF. The 1st one to wish me was Epal! She called me at midnight just to wish me on time. Hahaha. And I would also like to thank those who are eager enough to sing for me.  lol!

Frankly, I didn't get EVERYTHING that I'd expected or wished for. But I'm 101% sure that I got something better. I finally realize what I really need in my life and what I don't. 

Last but not least, thank you so much for making this special for me. I feel special today/yesterday. That's something I never feel since, like, forever! Prove: I refused to go to bed because I'm afraid that this feeling would go away the next day. Lol. But it's getting real late. It's 2.a.m. ++ 


Sweet Dreams, Everyone!

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