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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hajimemashite, mina-san!^^

Atashi wa LalaGurl-desu! Oh! I'm sorry. Let me translate those Japanese words for you..
'Hajimemashite' is something you say to people when you first meet them.
'Mina' means 'everybody'!
And the phrase 'Atashi wa LalaGurl-desu'- Oh! C'mon, you must've guessed it, already!- it means 'I am LalaGurl'.
See?? It's as simple as ABC! :D

Before I go on and on and on and on..
You must be very curious why I'm the one blogging today.
Well, it is because that my Ojou-sama, Aqilah Musfirah Binti Abd Rahman is SO fed up with her current school task she doesn't even feel like blogging right now.

So! Be prepared to be entertained by me and me alone!
Hihihi^^ (This is supposed to sound ultra cute!)

My Ojou-sama had been very generous to me for giving my place another makeover. This time, the theme is Fairytale! Can you see my castle?? Teehee!^^

This is my Japanese-style bathroom. Although it had nothing to do with fairytales, it's still nice! Ooh! No peeking at me bathing! Go away!

Ugh! This is far too modernized! Uhmm.. Well, it's not my Ojou-sama's fault, really. It seems so hard for her to make ends meet nowadays. Tsk! Tsk! Poor her..

Okey Dokey! I have to go now. Don't worry, I'll let you hear from me sooner than you thought! ^o^

You know you love me.

gossip girl LalaGurl :D

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