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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodbye, Mickey :( We'll never forget you..

Remember this kitty? I made a post about her exactly a week ago, when she first came into my house. And I just gave her a name 'Mickey' ('cuz she had huge ears and long, pointy tail.) recently so that they won't keep calling her 'Likas'. She was the only kitten left in my house. Also the kitty who always finds people for love (since all the other cats in here were not a fan of her). Also the kitty to follow me every second wherever I go. Also the kitten who never stops making the cutest annoying sounds I have ever heard (She might have been here for only a week, but it'll definitely take loads of time for me to get used to her eternal absence). She was also the kitten who'll sleep on my lap every morning while I was eating my breakfast, watching tv and even when I go online. When I really had to get up to do something, I'd put her aside, on the couch, hoping that it wouldn't wake her up. But no, she MUST woke up. And then she'll run after me! How cute :')

Dad and Ifa found her somewhere at Likas. The people who dumped her was really fckin heartless! She was found wrapped in only towel at the corner of the street. That was a very dangerous place to leave an innocent kitten. Why can't that *&@#$ person at least dump her at Kosan?? Where there are loads of restaurants and people who would feel sorry for her and maybe kind enough to give her a place called home! Dad brought her home after a couple of days he saw her. Dad was always like that. Whenever he sees any animal left just like that, he'll bring it home. As far as I can remember, he'd brought back an injured swallow and tekukur, a rare green bird (which died the day we finally purchased a pink-coloured cage for her, which was then used to place any injured bird - due to my evil kitties - until they're good enough to go), other birds, I-don't-know-how-many-kittens/cats  and last but not least, Mickey (although Mum still insists to call her LIKAS. Ugh.). Everybody in this house loved Mickey very much and we will always do. Oh how we want to watch her grow :'( How we want to watch her grow healthily. . .

 She was sick even before the moment she stepped into this house. She could never breathe right. Always panting. However, like any other kittens, she was playful. She was the most active sick kitten I've ever seen. She'll walk from spot to spot and then would have to stop from time to time in order to catch her breath. She died yesterday because of her sickness. She had trouble breathing yesterday, she always did, but yesterday's was way more serious. And I, didn't wanna believe what I was thinking just told myself "She'll  be ok, she'll be ok, she'll be okay.." , and so forth. I watched her gasping for air. I watched her suffer. I watched her fighting for her life. I WATCHED HER DIE. She breathed her last breath while I was still holding her in my arms. And then she froze. I froze. I cried. She was in my arms, her body lying motionlessly, her eyes wide opened, staring but not seeing. I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't. It hurts watching her suffer and not being able to do anything to help her. I was thinking all night long, 'What if we brought her to a vet earlier?', 'What if I can drive already?', 'What if I know anything about how to save a trouble-breathing kitty?' and so on. After I hand her over to my brother, I went to my room. I trained myself not to cry too much anymore and it was so well I never cried for more than 30min anymore until yesterday. I cried for more than a couple of hours and could still go on if I hadn't ran out of tears. I just couldn't hold back my tears. And I just couldn't help blaming myself for what happened. I even had trouble sleeping last night.

That was her on Iqa's neck. Soooooo manja kan?? ;)

She was buried last night at the back of my house.
Goodbye, Mickey. May you rest in peace.

p.s. I'm in tears again. I really miss you, Mickey :')

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