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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Conffesions of a Teenage *insert anything that u think might suit me most*

Confession #1: Actually, screw further studies! If I had ever said that I can't wait to go for further study, it was just one of my beautiful lies. Because if that's true, I'll be somewhere else right know, taking foundation study. I just wanted to linger here for as long as I can with loved ones. But now that loads of things changed, I decide to change my mind, too. I wanna get my ass OFF here as soon as possible. I need a new environment so that I can tell myself that I'll start from scratch again and I'm not going to screw up this time. No more taking things for granted. And maybe, just maybe, I'm using "further studies" as my so-called excuse to run far, far away from here. Of course, KML seems to be my closest getaway. But the facts that
A) my parents not only show zero interest in KML, but a total of -20000000000000000
B) there are ceaseless water problems at KML
are not helping at all. So we'll see.
It's not that I don't like it here. I do. I really do. How could I not? This is the place where I grew up. A lot of unforgettable...things happened here. Loads of memories which I always occur to remember. Be it sad or happy. Sweet or bitter. Painful or gleeful. But that's the problem. It's been to much. I can't take it anymore. And I just want a sweet escape. Well, if you consider studying sweet.

Confession  #2: Although I know it's 101% useless, I still give a damn. I still care. 24/7. I think I know for what reason. The one which makes me a complete idiot.

Confession #3: This oldies song's been stuck in my head since a while ago. This version:
Is the singer to blame? LOL.

* * *

Well? I guess that's all the confessions for now. Lots more are coming next time.

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