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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chapitre 3

Went for JPJ test yesterday and I, yes, although almost impossible, PASSED! Oh. My. Gawdddddd!!!!! Thank God!!!! I was so, so, so, nervous! I still couldn't believe it. Lol. Thanks also for those who wished me luck. I DID get lucky, after all ;D

At first, I thought I would be alone there, not knowing anyone, and nobody knows who I am. Even though I'm not the person who couldn't be alone, but it was different there. Nobody would understand why but me. And God, of course. Fortunately, I met a couple of people there. The first one was my tutor's nephew-in-law(The kind that works in a salon and learns about make-ups, I didn't catch his name, hahah! It's ok, I don't think he caught mine, too. Lol). Really friendly, and er, like gossiping. (=.=") The other one was an ex-schoolmate whom I never remember speaking to and we talked as if we've known each other (He was the school's sportsman of the year once, so of course I recognize him, what I didn't know is that he knows me too, =.=" well, barely, maybe.). I think it was a bit weird, but I guess people do that when they have no one else to talk to. So there, I wasn't alone, and again, Thank God!

I've opened a new account in Bank Rakyat. Accepted the offer letter from KML. So maybe I AM going. Only, my parents haven't bought any ticket yet and I'm afraid it might run out. =.= To be honest, Matriks is not my first choice. I prefer foundation but unfortunately, we couldn't afford it. So I'll do anything NOT to get myself into Form 6. Because I despise Form 6. I only see myself cutting classes if I signed up for Form 6. So there, the best for now: Matrikulasi. Done.

Confession #9: It is extremely hard for me to hate people. Same goes to get over something.

Confession #10: I think every person's life is like a movie. Full of drama. Only, happy ending is so much more hard to achieve.

Tomorrow's Epal's bday. And we're going out to celebrate it. Well, sort of.
That's the present I bought for her. What's in it? Well, that'd have to wait~

Confession #11:  I can't think of any appropriate present to buy for anyone. So if I buy you a gift and it's not much for your liking, I'm sorry =.=" Hahaha!

I SO wanna watch BEASTLY. Check out the trailer! :

It's like the modern version of Beauty and the Beast! Hearts!!!!

Confession #12: Sometimes I couldn't care less about myself.

Confession #13: I pretend like everything's alright when it actually kills me inside.

p.s. I'm soooooooo lovin' Taylor swift's Forever and Always.

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