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Friday, June 10, 2011

This is why we ♥ Taylor Swift...

"Not just a pretty face". I guess that statement suits her well. 'Cuz not only that she's incredibly beautiful, but she's also very talented. She wrote many of her songs herself and she can sing, as well.

What makes her songs special is the fact that they're based on her true feelings (Well, most of them). And many of us just seem to relate to those songs. Anyway, here's some of the descriptions of her songs:

Love Story - You and him like each other but you aren’t allowed to date

The Way I Loved You - You love your new boyfriend, but you can’t get over how things were with your old one

Invisible - You like him but he likes her, and she’ll never like him, and you do

Fifteen - You believed everything he said, and now you realize that young love doesn’t last

Should’ve Said No - He cheated on you, and she was not worth it, and he’ll never have you back

A Place In This World - You just want to fit in

Forever & Always - You and him went from being perfect to horrible so quickly

Tell Me Why - If he loves you then why does he like to hurt you?

I’m Only Me When I’m With You - He’s the only person you can be yourself around

Change - You believe that things will get better

Teardrops on My Guitar -You want him so bad, but he only sees you as the girl he talks about his girlfriend with

Mary’s Song- Our love is everlasting

Today Was A Fairytale- That was the best date of your life

Fearless - With him, you’re not afraid to do anything

White Horse - He broke your heart, and you won’t forgive him

The Outside - You don’t fit in in his world

Jump Then Fall - You fell for him, now he just needs to fall for you?

You Belong With Me - You’re so much better for him than she is

Well, to be honest, I don't listen to ALL of her songs. I just listen to the ones I  like. And yes, the ones that I underlined above are indeed my faves ;)

-Back to December was actually dedicated to Taylor Lautner;
Dear John (which is also one of my faves) to John Gyllenhaal;
and Forever & Always to Joe Jonas.

Okay, enough 'bout Taylor. It's time to get personal >:D

A few days ago, my aunt (Mak Cik Ani), my granny (Nenek) and my cousin Aslam came to visit us. Gosh, we missed them hahaha ;D Haven't seen them for, like, more than a year! It feels good to have them around ;)

Candid pictures taken by my uncle.

 They went back two days ago, though. Aww.. Gonna miss them ;)

Confession#70: I enjoy watching FAMILY GUY. lol! Although it's kinda "inappropriate" and mega offensive sometimes most of the times, it just cracks you up, like, seriouslyyyyyy

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2 people scribbling:

Armstrong said...

I like Taylor Swift too... but I don't like the other Taylor wakakaa. And I like how she write most of her songs herself.

I love Family Guy! Have you seen the episode where he fell and then he scream of pain for quite some time... that one was very funny!

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

Hahaha so I assume you're on Team Edward, then, huh? xDD

Omigosh! you too?? LOL! Very hilarious bha that show hahah. Um.. which episode is that ah?? I got the feeling yg I watched that one, already, anyway xD

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