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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rando♏ ッ

Lalala~ ♫ Got nothing to do again. I'm not even in the mood for blogging, actually. But I'm here, now, aren't I? ;P

WARNING!: DO NOT proceed if you don't feel like wasting your precious time. 


I made a 2nd tumblelog~
Click [HERE]

It's not new, though.  It's just that I haven't tell anyone about it. So, yeah.. Follow if you want to *winks* ;)

I miss Secret Garden oww.. haven't watched any drama after SG xD (Well, Gossip Girl excepted) Some just-for fun screencaps from SG:


Good one, Joo Won!

I like this guy. He's CUTE xD
[ Click to enlarge ]
Sweet ;)
Now married

There's NO WAY I'm deleting this drama. "My Girlfriend is a Gu Mi Ho" too.


"My Girlfriend is a Gu Mi HO" is in the other laptop which is now damaged! 

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4 people scribbling:

ken said...

these kind of dramas are always cute love right?

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

hahaha yup! ^^

Leysa JL said...

i watch this drama oso :)

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

nice kan? nice kan? hee^^

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