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and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have"

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I was a Japanese woman

I know this is my second entry for today tonight. NOW you know how bored I am. And this will be the second prove for it.

Past Life Analysis.
 Before you get the wrong idea. NO, I DON'T BELIEVE IN THIS REINCARNATION STUFF. Because according to my religion, there is no such things as "reincarnation". You only get to live ONCE. But NO OFFENCE, though, to anyone who believes in it =)  Anyway, just try this if you have time to spare. Click [HERE].

My result was as stated as above (the t i t l e of this entry). So that explained the crappy title. LOL. Sorry. I ran out of ideas =.="

You know what? I'm still bored so I decided to run through the pictures in this laptop and found these :O

Aiyn. Ifa. Me.

That was during last Raya, I think. Kami kan suka makan free. We didn't wanna tell anyone because we thought it was embarrassing. LOL! 

Oh. I snapped those images so that Aiyn could see it since her Mom doesn't read Utusan Borneo. And here I thought it's already been 'eliminated'. Gegegege~

Okay, so that was just the 3rd prove to show you How Bored I am Right Now.

p.s. I'm downloading more episodes of Family Guy. I must be crazehhh...

Confession#71: I miss my KML buddies ;(((((

Especially these two :') Er, org di belakang tu penyibuk ja hahaha.
Oh. And this sa bo (crazy lady), too. 
I think I've lost the class photos ;((((

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