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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lonely in Gorgeous

Hi there! Surprise~ I'm still alive in spite of the boredom I had (and still have to for a few more days) to face daily.

My boring daily routine nowadays:
1. Wake up
2. Go back to sleep
3. Wake up (for real)
4. Take a shower
5. Do some housework
6. Eat + drama
7.Feed the cats
8. Online
9. Take a nap
10. Online
11. Eat dinner + drama
12. Take a bath
13. Online
14. Drama
15. Sleep

Sooo boring I'm sure you didn't even read it. I was right, wasn't I? xD

Anyway.. I'm in the mood for blogging right now. And I've found something interesting on tumblr. Here you go :)

Word on the streets of New York is that there is a very talented new photographer named Jamie Beck. She and her fiancee create these unique images she calls “cinemagraphs” — more than a photo, but not quite a video. Whatever they are, they’re badass. Here are some of my favorites.
So whaddaya think?? Impressive?? At least that's what I think of it ;D
Well, about the title. Have any of u watched Paradise Kiss?? If you had, these lines from the opening theme song (LONELY IN GORGEOUS) must've been familiar with you.
Lonely in Gorgeous, yeah~!
Party Night, Where are you, bad boy?
Ima tsugu mitsukete ..
Err.. (Lupa lirik).. HmhmhmhmLalalala~
That's where this entry title's came from. 
Ring a bell?
Why am I suddenly bringing this up?? Well, because.. Alright! Listen up! There's a live action A.K.A movie of the anime.. Kyaaa!! ♥ I can't wait!! xD (Although I hated the ending of the anime. I wonder if the live action one will have the same ending) Anyway, here's the teaser trailer:

Confession#62: I've been wondering about these few things lately:~
1) Why does people always use ludicrous names as their names on FACEBOOK?? How do you expect people would recognise you (Unless you DON'T wanna be recognised) when you are using that sort of names and with no pictures of you in your profile?? THIS IS NOT FRIENDSTER, people T_____T (p.s. No offence!)
2) This might sound silly.. but.. How come KTV (K-box) in 1B DOES NOT have one single paramore's songs?? Pfftt!! Lame!! 
Do they NOT know PARAMORE??!! Unbelievable!
Confession#63: After reading Hanis Zalikha's latest entry, I feel like going to such events. Not necessarily an engagement party. Something like open houses, kenduri etc will do. I don't know why. I've never been adequately exposed to such events. Maybe that's why. Hahaha it seems fun, you know. Going with ur friends. Or relatives. Eysh! Cakap ja lah kalau maw makan free bhaaa.. LOL! JKJK.. xD

Confession#64: Either I'm being paranoid or I'm really scared of something (What's the difference?? haha!) But I don't know what. Hmm..

Okay, now! It's time for me to say
'Cuz I should go to

Vintage Banner Pictures, Images and Photos

2 people scribbling:

Arms said...

Wow amazing post. Looks like you really got into the mood of blogging when you wrote all this heehe.

Cinemagraphs. So that's what it's called huh. I've seen a lot on the internet nowadays, just dunno the name of the stuff. Thanks to you, now I know! ;D

Oya, ya I dunno why people put nicknames or whatever as their FB names. well, if they do wanna appear mysterious, at least pick either one. Real name, or real picture ;D

p i n k i l l a said...

Haha thanks, Arms! Ya lor, 'cuz I dun hv anything else to do mah xD

Yep. Cinemagraphs. Interesting, right? :) u're welcome! hehe

Tu la.. people nowadays are so weird. LOL! kidding.. kidding.. I'm a good person xDD

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