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and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have"

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Call it quits

Confession#56: I wanna go shopping so badly. Unfortunately, I'm broke. Which is why I'm in need of a part-time job. And since I can't go shopping, I'll play It Girl on FB :P
Does this count as window shopping? :P

Confession#57: I ♥ this guy!!
Taecyeon 2PM
Taecyeon (2PM)
1. He's hot
2. Hot bod
3. His eyes
4. He sings
5. He dances
6. He speaks English well! xD

Confession#58: To Desperate Boys out there:: If the girl you like doesn't feel the same way as you do, please stop trying so hard and just give up. It's not worth it. There's so many fish in the sea, right?
You are not Desperate Housewives.

Owhhkay.. Tiada kena-mengena.

Confession#59: I'm thinking of getting a haircut. A shoulder-length ones.
My hair is damaged, anyway.. Would this look good on me?? *wink2*

Confession#60: I wanna start working out.
I wanna lose 3kg =.=

Confession#61: I'm thinking of changing my phone number. Sighhh

That's all for now! TTFN!

p.s. Currently watching
Secret Garden.
This kinda reminds me of MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO. If you watch both of them, you'll get it.

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2 people scribbling:

Arms said...

If you do get a haircut, please post before and after yer haaha.

I like the gal. I'm sure you like the guy right wakakaaka

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

hahah okayy IF I'm getting one. I love my hair so much xD

Tacyeon! hahaha! You bet! LOL! Owh.. Lemme guess, another fan of Yoona, huh?? ;D

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