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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Maybe I should consider becoming a vet

Yesterday  two of my cats got poisoned.

One of them. (Polka)

I was so scared that I'd lose another kitty :'(
So we took them out to look for a veterinary center that was opened, but since yesterday was a Good Friday, all (Yes, ALL) of them were closed D: 
We were devastated but there's nothing else we could do.

At home, I called a vet and asked what should be done when a feline got poisoned. 
He said: Bagi dia minum charcoal.

And that's what we did. 
It worked. 
The charcoal neutralized the poison.
Pheww!! Alhamdulillahhh kucing saya selamat :')

Some of the major symptoms of poisoning in felines:
  1. Excessive salivation
  2.  Loss of balance
  3.  Vomiting
  4.  Rapid breathing rate
  5.  Diarrhoea 

** Do something to induce vomiting before the poison got into their bloodstreams. 

* * * * * * *

I ♥ cats.
I ♥ animals.
Should I just be a vet??
Ceh. Cakap senanglah. Aqilah Musfirah, dengan sikap kau yang tidak pernah study itu, mampukah  kau?
*Rolls eyes*

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2 people scribbling:

Arms said...

Aww... kesian dia.

Wa I wonder how you make it drink charcoal. Do tell :) It works pula kan.

Get well soon kitteh! ;D

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

By using a syringe :)
use something to crush the charcoal first, then mix with water.
Haha yup. It worked. They're all better now.
Thank God ^^

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