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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Uh-huh. And because of that, we have to earn it (Unless you're filthy rich. LOL. Kidding, kidding). I don't have a lot of work experience. In my whole life, I've only worked part-time in two places, i.e. Parkson (Past a.k.a. Sudah berlalu dan jangan dikenang) and..
Star City Conference-Event Centre. My current workplace~
I'm working as a part-time food server. The job is quite simple, actually. You'll only be called when there is an event, or something like that. Thus, you do not need to attend it daily. In fact, you can turn it down whenever you're busy or you don't feel like working, at all. Extremely relevant for a student like me. TeeHee. All you have to do is constantly pour the Chinese Tea, bring in and bring out food, and clean the tables you're assigned to.

Before the even started. The event last night was 1Malaysia some sort of gathering, but all I can see are Chinese. I don't get it =.=
The first guest arrives.
(Credits to Kak Yana for the pic)
Apart from getting free meals before the event starts, us part-timers also get to grab the served food. For me, I only want the desserts. Yum yum~! Last night, my partner even helped me smuggle a couple of large bottles of soft drinks (Which is actually forbidden, but no one seems to give a damn). Hahahaha.
Moi partner and yours truly. (I refuse to reveal my fatigued face)
Oh! Have I mentioned the pay, yet? It's RM5/hour! That's quite a lot, okayyyy :) The highest rate in Sabah, so far. Even Sutera Harbour doesn't pay their staffs for more than RM3.50/hour.

Can you see the picture above?? I borrowed my cousin's slacks for work yesterday, but it turned out that the slacks was torn in the back. So I HAD to borrow the spare slacks the company keeps. I LOOKED LIKE A MOTHER OF THREE. It had put me in a bad mood throughout the night. Thank God my partner was a gentleman! Bukan yang tahu curi tulanggggg ja...

When the event is over..

The one with the awkward pose is Nicki, my cousin. That's just the way she acts when people are trying to take photos of her. Hahahah. The one beside her is my sis.
Candid pic of Nicki. She really doesn't know I have this pic :P Or else, she'd make me delete it.
p.s. Went to Lok Yuk's Pasaria yesterday (Noon). Wasn't in the mood for pictures. Ni dua orang ja sempat mintapuji.
Jane and Sylvia (a.k.a Cil) of The Monkeys :P
Oops! It took longer than I thought to finish today's update. It's almost two. Promised The Monkeys to arrive at Stadium Likas at two. Oh well~ Toodles!

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