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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want..

I wanna,
I wanna,
I wanna..
I~~ wanna rock n roll all night.. n party everyday
*bunyi gitar & drum & tambourine*

That's not what I want. At least not right now.
For now, I want:
A part-time job
-because I think I'm running out of money but at the same time I'm sorta a "shopaholic". I need to buy just a little something to make me feel good. And that actually scares me =.=
-which is impossible, me to get a part-time job, I mean. Sebab saya study di KML, which restricts students from going out of campus on weekdays (Even on weekends, we have to be back BEFORE 6.30 p.m., so much for the prison life,huh??) . Which is why, I'm thinking about moving to UiTM. They have intakes later in August. Besides, UiTM is a recognized university, and I bet KMLis NOT a recognized college.

BUT! I haven't make my decision yet. So here's my plan:
1) I'll try applying for UiTM
2) If I was chosen, then I'll think about should I or should I not accept the offer?
3) If I'm not chosen, I won't let myself be devastated. I have so much fun at KML already, anyway.
But, but.. what about part-time job and the money I'm about to earn??
Stop. Don't think 'bout that 1st =.="

Wah2, seriusnya entry kali ini. X puas ati pla. LOL.
So here you go, I'll reveal my most embarrassing moment, ever:
[click to enlarge]
sepa yg sudah taw, diam2 hahaha! aha! haaa..... .. 

Oh well!

I'm off to bed now. *Yawn*

Confession #34: It hurts when you are just another stupid mistake of a person whom you used to be very, very close to.

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