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Friday, July 23, 2010

Misguided Ghost

Okay, I'm getting better so I'm definitely not going to bed early tonight.

Jennie texted me just now asking me on how to put on Bedak Sejuk. "Tebal-tebal atau nipis-nipis? Maw campur air ka? Pekat atau cair?" LOL! Skema betul! Sukati ko la maw pakai macamana bha. Ndakan rosak kulit no matter how you use it. Seriously, Jen, maybe it's your nature to be so humorous. Hahaha ;D

I'm currently listening to Miranda Cosgrove. Technically, Jennie was the one who introduced me to her music. And I've gotta say: I ♥ it, especially Shakespeare, Disgusting and Oh oh.
Doesn't sound familiar? She's the girl from Nickelodeon's iCarly.
OR the little girl, Megan, from Drake & Josh, also on Nickelodeon. She's all grown up now.
I used to watch both of the sitcoms every evening before I went to KML. I know it's mainly for kiddies. But who cares?? I hate the phrases "I'm too old for ----", "You're too old for ----".. Oh blahblahblah! You're never too old for anything! Not even for cartoons. Hey, even my Dad watches Tom & Jerry once in a while. Sometimes, watching people who couldn't wait to grow up so much makes me feel irritated. BECAUSE, they become somebody else. Too cool for this and that. Oh puh-lease!  Being mature is so much more than that. And it starts from being yourself. But anyway, it's their lives, they'll live it their ways. Esh, TER-merapu la pula pasal mature immature segala =.=

Hmm.. pa lagi ah

Teda keja bha ne..

Oh! Right! About the title, have you heard the song before? It's Paramore's. Nice song! :D

Right click here and choose "save link as" or "save target as" to download.
Lyrics?? Click here 

In the mood for old songs. One of my faves:

saya suka dengar ni lagu time emo2 =.=" LOL

Bha, enough 'bout songs. Mcm maw revamp blog tapi malas. Maybe I'll just replace the banner.

Confession #32: Saya tersangat-sangat sedih hari ini. No one knows why but me, myself and I, AND of course, God. Akhirnya, saya menangis juga. I've been holding these tears for I-don't-know-how-long. Mereka sangka saya tabah. I feel like a hypocrite. But then again, who isn't? Should I be ;-) or ;-( ??

Confession #33: I don't know what should I do with those stuffs. Burn? Bury? Throw away? One thing for sure, keeping 'em with me is not the right thing to do. Yes, I know that. But at the same time, I'm reluctant to get rid of 'em. Now it's as though I'm hearing some hideous voices saying, "You're such a fool, Qila", "Reality check! You're keeping them for nothing! They just get you teary-eyed every single time you look at them", "Wake up, girl. You deserve better than this". Oh, God. Gimme a break!


Perry! Do something!
What the-.. !! ... I can't believe you bailed on me! For yet another secret mission!

Oh well, I still ♥ Perry the Platipus. Hahaha :D

Saaayang si Perry! XD

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