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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My body is quite full of scratches due to the fact that I have loads of kitties and I ♥ playing with them even though the so-called "Playtime" will usually involve kitty-superpower-scratches which will later result in scars. Well, whatever, I'm used to it, anyway. What I'm never getting used to is when any of my kitties passed away and left massive scars in my heart that can never be erased. Last night, another kitten just left us all. Its name was Whisskass.
This photo was taken yesterday, several hours before it's gone for ever.
We'd taken it to the the vet, but it did no good. Whisskass could no longer walk properly (It couldn't even stand right) so I knew there weren't much hope left. I even thought to myself that death would be a much simpler solution for this little fella, since it was very heartbreaking watching it constantly trying to get up and walk but end up crushing on the cold, hard floor, instead. I mean, look at how little and fragile the kitten was. Sigghhh.. So it passed away around midnight. Rest in peace, Whisskass. I hope you've met your sister Loudy, up there.

Whisskass in healthier days.
Confession#84: No matter how hard I tried not to be one, I'm still a soft-hearted person. Which means I'm easy to start caring. Therefore, yes, I DO care about you. And there are others who care about you, as well. So PLEASE get well soon.

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5 people scribbling:

SimplySeoul said...

ooh so sad, so sad. i'm a cat lover, always. poor cat.

Aemy Shamy said...

RIP Whisskass..... :(
poor kitty...maybe it's the flu or internal infection that killed Whisskass. which vet did u go? some vets are useless, u know..better go to government's vet. huhu...

Armstrong said...

Oh my, Pinkilla. Very sorry to hear this. RIP little buddy.

I used to get a lot of scars from cats too. A lot! And if I look closely, I can still see the tiny tiny scars around my hand.

Scars come and go... it just up to us to remember it. LOL apa sia cakaps ni.

Hope you had a great Wednesday, Pinky. :P Kena marah la ni panggil ko gitu. Anyway, happy Thursday bisuk. Ciao

Aqilah Musfirah said...

@Aemy Shamy I went to the vet twice. Once to a private one, once to the gov's. Maybe it was too late.. IDK :S

Aqilah Musfirah said...

@ArmstrongLol thanks Arms, I gt what u're trying to say hahaha.. Pinky2.. mimang maw kena marah ni! XD no la.. jk.. happy Thurs to u :)

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