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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Going Retro

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That's it. My heart is not at peace. And it will stay that way until I'm through with our Final Swimming Practical Exam (which I'm not quite certain when). Why am I so terrified to jump?!

Do you have any idea how fast my heart beats when I'm in this position??? No, you could NEVER imagine. I got so scared to the point I couldn't hear anything else above my fear. All I could hear was a voice telling me "You're gonna die. You're gonna die. You're gonna die. . .", and soooo on. Even though I knew I was surrounded by more than one coach and as if any of my friends would just watch me die there and for God's sake! It's a swimming pool. Not a bottomless ocean! I am such a scaredy-cat. Maybe that's why they call me Ching (abbreviation of  Kucing). Lol. Not funny.

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Oh my God. Oh my God. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I could NEVER see myself doing that! Not in a million years! Not even if I'm provided with a life jacket.

You know, sometimes I wish I could "invent" an alter-ego of me who isn't afraid of anything. Just FEARLESS. And name her Alanna. WTH am I talking about? One thing's for sure, when I have a child of my own, I'd definitely send them for a swimming lesson when they're 8. So that they wouldn't be as "hydrophobic" as I am now =.=

* * * * *

Whoopsie! What's swimming and jumping's got to do with RETRO?? Nothing, at all? EXACTLY. Sorry ter-merapu dan ter-merepek sebentar tadi hahahahahaa.. Well, then, what's up with retro?? Here's the story: Once upon a time, blah blah blah.. blah blah blah.. We (Aquaculture + Marine Science students) have an annual dinner to attend to and the themes are retro, hipsters as well as smart and nerdy.

I think I'm gonna go with Retro. But if I couldn't find any retro outfits, then I'm gonna go with Smart and Nerdy.

Before going shopping for my outfit, I need some inspirations first. So here goes:



I have also promised my friend, Chiibii (she wears hijab) to find a suitable retro outfit for her. Although there was not much I could find, but here's some idea, anyway~ ;) I hope you like it >.<
Just replace skirt to long ones and the shirts to long-sleeves (or just wear a matching inner) and it'll look fine~
The MIDDLE one. Just add a belt and you'll look fab!
I think it'll look better if the shirt has polka dots pattern.

Sorry these were the best I could find. Saya pun masih noob lagi. Fesyen tudung boleh rujuk Hana Tajima, or anyone else. Hehehehe I hope this helps~ ^^

So basically we need to buy the ones with polka dots pattern and/or color-block.

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4 people scribbling:

SimplySeoul said...

nooo sgt menakutkan itu terjun2. even terjun dari tepi kolam ke kolam pun pelan2. me too not in a million years terjun gitu (bukan takut, sbb xpandai berenang) haha.

retro? then the polka dot cocktail dress should be fine. put a lot of volume to your hair.

Aqilah Musfirah said...

@SimplySeoulHaihh!! sama laa.. I don't dare to jump, for some reason. No matter what's the height huhu ;( Nanti renang yg bkin teruk my pointer.. noooooo!

I agree.. but I have to find it, first =.=" and the hair, yup, MUST put a lot of vol (but I'm gonna have to learn how to do so first XD)

Aemy Shamy said...

hey, hey..chill! u're not gonna die! i cant swim too, but i know u can! u'll be safe & sound there..hehe..

retro's such a great dress code..little black dress, high heels, velvet gloves & high updo hair like Audrey Hepburn will do alright ;) hehe..
polka dots is ok too ^^

Aqilah Musfirah said...

@Aemy Shamy Yes, Aemy, dear. I can swim... in a kiddies' pool. LOL XD

I knew you were going to mention Audrey Hepburn! hahahaha ;D I'll see what I can find (AND afford) ;)

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