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Friday, April 6, 2012


Today marks the beginning of our one-week holiday. Hooray?? NOT LIKELY. I still have tons of assignments and homework to do.

Not only that, I am also 100% penniless due to the fact that I still haven't received my scholarship money, yet, which I was supposed to get since, like, TWO MONTHS ago. Well, my friend's right. "Duit free memang macam tu". That sucks. I can't shop, I can't even go out! I'm gonna stay home for a whole week. BOOOOORING!

And to make matters worse, I've to (temporarily, I hope) live with this one (or two) mistake(s) I've made, which does nothing but screw up my life even more. Why why WHY do I ALWAYS forget to use my brain before making such crucial decisions?? WHYYYYY??!!

Oh! Forget it.. I've brought it upon myself and there's no reason for you, you and you to waste your time reading such ridiculous entry of mine. Ciao~

Credits to Neej for the photo.
p.s. I'm missing The Munyitss, already :') 

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