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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Say what?

Oh God. Oh God. OH GOD. This isn't happening.

The day I've been dreading is finally here! Er.. Well, actually it's tomorrow, but still!

I've a really bad feeling about this. (But then again, I've always had a bad feeling whenever I've been informed on which day the result will be out- I mean, who doesn't, right?)

Studying last-minute had always went better-than-expected for me while I was in Matrik. But those papers I've taken about a month ago were on a whole different level.

. . .

. . .

. . .


And to top it off, our first-semester break is coming to an end!

p.s. chatbox reinstalled..

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2 people scribbling:

SimplySeoul said...

Haii. So you're a UMS student?. Me too. Nice meeting you here. When UMS suddenly change the date to 19th to the 17th I was like having a mini panic attacked haha. How's your result? Must be good right. Congratz. What course you took in UMS?

Aqilah Musfirah said...

@SimplySeoul Yeah, I am :) Nice to meet you, too! :D IKR, I was thinking "You're kidding, right?" hahaha. No, it's nowhere near good. I'm extremely devastated :'( How's yours?? I'm taking Marine Science. Was thinking of changing course but the scholarship wouldn't let me >.<

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