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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new beginning?

The first day of the 2nd semester begun yesterday. We did nothing much. Attended a couple of classes, talked, ate (twice) and stuff. I was so delighted  to see The Monkeys Sylvia, Jane, Neej and Fara again! ;) I've missed them so much >.< hahaha

About the result thingie, I've put it all behind me. AFTER I told my Mom, of course. She took it quite well, to my surprise (Thanks to my unexpected skill of explaining stuff). Well, it's Mom, anyway. NOT DAD. I could never tell him about it to his face *Shivers*

To be honest, on the day when the result was out, I checked mine back for about 3 times, as though it will magically turn into something.. acceptable if I keep doing so. Hahaha silly me. Nah, I'm over it. I'm gonna move on and do much, much better this time around!

* * * * * * 

p.s. I'm thinking about moving back in to the dorm. 

p.p.s. When I was in Secondary School, I thought that the most annoying thing about pasaria is selling coupons.  Now, when I'm NOT even a Secondary School student anymore, THE MOST FRIGGIN' ANNOYING THING ABOUT PASARIA IS STILL SELLING COUPONS. Why? Because I've been forced to find some buyers who're interested in buying all these coupons for my sis's school (SMK LOK YUK) upcoming pasaria.

So.. Uhm.. Anyone??

*Cricket Sound*

*Cricket Sound*

*Cricket Sound*

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nGiau said...

good luck on selling those coupons ;)

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