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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perry the Kitten..

Today I woke up early for nothing. The 'Taklimat Renang' for juniors was CANCELLED. Grr!!

I was very mad (This is the truth. I wasn't lazy, or anything. REALLY!) so I decided to skip the 'Taklimat Koko' and went to 1Borneo, instead with one of my besties, Yeye. If you are reading this, thanks for treating me to a kbox, even though you are close to being broke right now. Hahaha don't worry next time I'll treat you back when I've already got my scholarship money ;) Aww.. I suddenly remember about those days in High School when it used to be 'Duit kau duit aku juga' between us hahaha xD Anyway, have a safe trip to your current school at IPG Keningau tomorrow! :D

* * * * *

This morning my one-month old kitten was infected by a virus and nearly died. Its Mom is a stray so it wouldn't be surprising for stuff like that to happen but I can't bear losing another kitty. Despite the whopping number of my cats right now, I still don't wanna lose either one of them.
Sekadar hiasan. But it's still a splitting image of my kitten, Perry.
So I begged Mum to bring him to a vet and that she could use my money (or what's left of it) if she wanted to. Thank God she did. The vet gave him not less than 5 injections and asked to bring Perry in again tomorrow if he still lives. Perry's better now but NOT healthy. I still worry about him. I mean, what if he's not going to make it until tomorrow? What if something happens and he can't breathe normally again?

Oh God please, please, please, PLEASE let him live. He's just a baby :( I want to watch him grow. I'll pray and if any of you care, please pray for this poor kitty, too :'(

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2 people scribbling:

Aemy Shamy said...

like an infant, kitty's very vulnerable to infections & disease..the place should be cleaned..for me it's hard to take care of baby kitty..huuhuu...poor perry...

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

@Aemy Shamy Really? I didn't knew that :'( But the place was regularly cleaned.. Okay, now I'm starting to blame myslef. I mean, what if it wasn't clean enough, right? :/

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