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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am Superwoman!

Thank you, Aemy, for tagging me You just gave me something to blog about. Hahaha since my blog was neglected for quiet a while

I decided to join this segment because I think it is good for a confidence boost, as well as to reduce my pessimism..and.. of course, FOR FUN! lol.
Created by Aki.

I, Aqilah Musfirah, am Superwoman because:

  • I am against animal cruelty.

  • I provide shelter for cats: I have more than 10 cats and there are still more to come
  • I saved some injured birds, normally caused by my evil kuceng samseng, but still, I save lives.
  • I survived scratches from my gangster cats
  • I know how to differentiate YOU'RE and YOUR. (People's common mistake, nowadays)
  • I eat non- stop. #Team AlwaysHungry. (However this 'supernatural ability' does not apply during fasting season.)

  • I babysit children, kitten, adolescent felines.
  • I have a close-to-perfect eyesight (well, it used to be perfect until I went to KML and my only source of fun was my laptop, which ruined my sight
  • I can play an organ. (although I am still a noob and will always be, since I quit at grade 2 halfway :P)

  • I can go to a kbox and karaoke for 2 straight hours (lol)
  • I can have photographic memories, sometimes. I always do last minute studies when the exams are just around the corner and temporarily memorize everything I read.
  • I memorize every Twilight's scene and line... Edwarddd Cullennn...

Well, Superwoman thinks that's all, for now.

I'm tagging: you, you, you and YOU!  Hahaha translation:Everybody. Siapa yg rajin tu buatlah, okayyy^^

p.s. If you wanna know more about this segment, just click the 'SAYA SEORANG SUPERMAN'-banner above

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7 people scribbling:

Aki said...

pergh.. ni betul2 superwoman.. tapi bahagian haiwan la... ko bulih buka pusat perlindungan sudah ni.. hm,ko kalah sama si Aki bab karaoke.. si Aki pernah karaoke 1rg2 sampai 3 1/2 jam.. (tunggu orang).. Kluar2 dari k-box,tiada suara sudah.. Hahaha.. btw,thanks JOIN!! ^_^.v..

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

@Aki hahaha kalau sa kaya, mmg sy buka sda tu Aki :D

3 1/2 jam?? ahahaha tiapa2, coming soon :P eh tp xmaw laa.. 'rock' nanti sora sy hahaha xDDD

okie~ u're welcome :)

Aemy Shamy said...

whoaaa...more than 10 cats? way out!'re truly super! in case if one day you open an official shelter for cats, give me a call & please hire me..i llllove cats!! hehe.. ^^
yeah, i can bare singing in kbox for 2 hours, karaoke rocks :p

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

@Aemy Shamy bulih bha kalau kau! xD ahaha insyaAllah.. I wonder if Sabah already have at least one, now, BTW. I pity all the strays huhu.

Okay, looks like singing in kbox for 2 hours straight is no longer considered as an 'ability'. LOL. Or, better, we're all superheroes hahaha :D

Armstrong said...

Yay to the first strength! Hahaa.

You're and Your - hilarious that you mentioned that here hehee. Besides that, "that's mean" and "that means"! Hahaa.

Eat nonstop? How come your body maintain and me makin gumuk?! Wahahaa.

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

@Armstrong Haha because sometimes I'm dying to correct it. There's a big difference bha.. Yeahh!! That, too. Teachers always use "that's mean" nowadays =.=lll it's like they were saying "jahatnya"! ahahah xD

where got my body maintain wo.. gumuk ady this. I used to weigh 47kg 2 years ago. now tmbah 2kg ady LOL! nvm nanti masuk U, I'll take part in something that will make me slimmer xDD

Aemy Shamy said...

hahaha..maybe singing for 2 hours can be called as talent (even with frog voice :p), not ability..hahahaha :p

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