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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Exam Day 1

The title sounds SO lame, I know.

My papers for today?

  • Introduction to Physical Oceanography
  • Basic Statistics

From yesterday until earlier today, this was the story of my life. Well, kind of. Because I didn't ride any bus and fell asleep in it. Although I did fall asleep in the car while mum was driving me to UMS.

Story of my life. Since forever.
The part *during the break* was true :P We went to 1Bormeo during the one and a half-hour break, despite the fact that we haven't got ALL of the formulas for basic statistics covered.

The result: We 'met' our worst nightmares. It also felt like the paper was saying 'KOTOH!' right to my face =.= (Siapa Sabahan tidak tahu apa itu 'Kotoh' jangan berani mengaku Sabahan! *muka serious*)

During the Basic Stats paper, I even felt like jumping out of my chair and grab my notes in front of me very quickly that normal humans' eyes can't see. If only I were a Ninja.

And alternatively, I've thought of begging to the Pengawas "Please, pleaseee!!! Just ONE quick glance!! ONE!! I don't wanna have this nightmare haunting me forever and ever and ever!!"

Sighhh.. To be honest, I've never done any exam as bad as THIS. SO! Who to blame?

No, no. Even though I eat maggi almost everyday now, doesn't mean that it wasn't entirely my fault. I should've studied on a daily basis. But then again, it doesn't mean that you're innocent, maggi! You're part of the reason that my brain wasn't functioning right today! >:( LOL. Kidding :P

p.s. Did this to Jane today

Sorry, Jane, but I did say 'MAYBE'. Hahaha!

Okay, now, I think it's time to go back to the books!

Or not?

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Aemy Shamy said...

unforgettable incident during exam this sem is when i got lost at the new dkp, looking for dkp 24..dammit! haha. good luck yeah!!

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