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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Scarlet

Have you ever thought of creating a documentary blog for your children (OR your future children)?

I know I never have.

But apparently, the parents of a girl named Scarlet had :)

[Click the image to view the blog]

I'm definitely gonna do this when I have a child of my own!

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4 people scribbling:

Armstrong said...

Pinkilla! Wa I missed a lot of posts! But I'm here now;D

I saw the blog for Scarlett. definitely going to do something like that in the future. But I don't think I have time to blog. Maybe just take lots and lots of pics. Because I don't have bountiful pics when I was growing up so I don't want my kid to have less pics.

And I must take lots of videos of my child... or children hehee.

Happy weekend, Pinkilla! How was holiday btw?

Aemy Shamy said...

wow that is so cute! someday im gonna do it too :p

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

@Armstrong Yeah, I missed lots of ur posts, too.. Somehow they no longer visible in my updates == Hahahaha anything will do bha.. I don't have much pictures too :'(

Thx Arms, my holiday is just plain boring D:

Aqilah Musfirah A.R. said...

@Aemy Shamy Hahaha yeah! Someday ;D

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