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Friday, February 18, 2011

OKOK! Hiatus, for real.

I know I said I'd go on hiatus before. But please just bear with this one more entry!

1st of all:
I don't give a damn about my UPS result. And I'm not going to mention anything about it, except for this : MY CHEMISTRY SUXX! Although to be honest I didn't even study, at all. Plus I was sick during Chemistry and Maths paper. There. Done. Now life goes on :P

2nd of all:
I keep losing track of my stuffs. I really want my file back! Everything's in there! Why am I so careless??!!
The one I was holding. My file, please come back to me. Wuuu :'(
 Saya hilang nota. Hilang surat tunjuk sebab (kan sy escape. hehe.). NOOOOO!! 
Sem 1 hilang (atau lebih tepat, 'kena tapau') buku reference Bio. 
Sem 2 pula hilang file. 
I hate it! If you've found it and know it's not even yours to begin with, then return it to the owner lah!! (>.<) Ughh!!

3rd of all:
It's been very exhausting lately that I am feeling so sleep-deprived and even my view is getting blurrier and blurrier. That puts me in a very bad mood. I used to have perfect eyesight T___T

Last but not least:
Okay, maybe Facebook(FB) is shutting down, after all. But the truth is, nobody knows. Even though some FB users are certain about it, they still refuse to deactivate their FB accounts. Why?? It's the same reason all along: They wanna see how the story ends. Or to be more specific, they wanna see how FB ends?? Mm.. Whatever.

Do you know one of the reasons they're considering to eliminate FB?? 

Ekin and I are roommates. Yet we chat and comment on each other's status, even though we can just say it out loud since we're sitting next to each other. LOL! 

No, seriously. I'm not kidding. This is, in fact, one of the reasons. Hahaha.

Hmm.. OK, I guess that's it. Will really go on hiatus for now~! ^^

Souvenir from Debbie Cynthia Clarence when she was on vacation in Australia. Boy, I'm green with envy. Hahaha :D

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